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    I am planning to make a concert featuring Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks". According to me it's wonderful music and also well suited for a brass band. I've also founs a good brass band arrangement of this music by Dennis Wright.
    My question though is how to handle the fireworks. What I have heard it's common to shoot some fireworks between the movements and some fireworks during "the rejoicings". But is that Handel's original intention or is it a later idea?
    Is the fireworks during "the rejoicings" written in any score? (it's not in Dennis wright's arr.) Or how would I get info on how to shoot that fireworks?
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    Can't help with the when, but the how maybe. You will need electrically iniated fireworks which are difficult to source. I think you will need to contact a proper licenced firework manufacturer and pay them for the display. It will cost a mint though. The plus side is they will be insured for it, saving you from having to organise and pay for public liability insurance. The cost will probably be beyond the average Brass Band, as the tickets would need to be quite expensive to cover the overheads incurred.

    I once tried to get my old band to do the 1812. I could get the 'bangs' for free from work (don't ask!) but when I demonstrated one to the MD, he bottled out.

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