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  1. WhiteStickMan

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    25 - 30 ish year rewind here - looking for Peter Young who may have been connected with Royal Doulton. Have come across some of his manuscript arrangements in our library.
    Anyone help?

    Mike Caveney
    MD Trentham Brass
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  3. WhiteStickMan

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    Many thanks Roger. I was searching our library for 'English' music to perform at a St George's concert and on the search for Fred Mortimer's John Peel when I came across the Peter Young arrangement in jazz/swing style. A fun arrangement and the band are enjoying it.
    Bit of embarassment here though - I was reading Peter's profile and realised that I have actually been on the same stage performing one of his compositions, a cantata for choir and orchestra, at the Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent twelve years ago! Dementia setting in?
    Many thanks for the reply. See you at Bedworth.
  4. 4thmandown

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    Peter Young is currently to be found in Lancashire and conducts the Earby Band of which I'm a former member. My dad has contact details should you need any further information.


  5. WhiteStickMan

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    Thanks Rob,
    Have sent Peter an e-mail on the website from #2. May get back to you if I don't get a result. Are Earby in Blackpool on 10 March?

  6. 4thmandown

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    Unfortunately, Earby haven't contested for nearly 10 years. It's in a depressed area of the country where kids leave to go to Uni and never come back - myself included. They never quite get up to a full band for long enough to be able to contest anymore.