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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me in locating a copy (the sheet music that is) of Edward Gregson's brass quartet Rousseau. I vaguely recalled that it was published by SP & S and have had that confirmed by Obrasso, who have a CD with the piece on it. However, I spoke to a nice lady from SP & S who told me the only piece of that name in their catalogue was by someone called Ogg and was published in 1947. As Gregson was only born in 1945 it seems unlikely to be the same piece!

    Internet searches have failed to come up with an answer, and unfortunately it is not possible to contact Mr Gregson himself via his own website, so I am now a bit stuck. Any pointers would be very welcome. Thanks.
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    The March "Rousseau" was indeed composed by Ray Ogg , and a cracking ( if under-used these days ) number it is too.

    There was a small book of quartets published by SP&S in the early seventies with the Gregson quartet of the same name but I reckon its long out of print . Suggest you give Carl and the lads at WoB a try ?
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    I've got to assume that it is Ray Ogg's march with the same name then? It's not on the Obrasso catalogue, although the rest of the pieces on the quartet CD are.
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    I would imagine so , its the only one I can think of and the date fits.
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    I've just listened to the snippet on the Obrasso site and it does sound like Prof. Gregson's early style ... just to add to the confusion. (just click on CDs>brass ensembles/solo cds>title to listen)
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    Sorry Brassneck its probably me thats confusing you !!
    The lady at SP&S was no doubt referring to the Ogg march , and Obrasso have the Gregson quartet - I'll have a listen when I get home to double check ( The lads in the office have an aversion to brass band music and heavy metal for some reason !! )
  7. Thank you for all this. There is no doubt that the piece on the CD is by Gregson - as you say, the style is instantly recognisable, and in any case, it is credited to him in the insert notes! Strangely though, it is not included anywhere in the list of works on his official website.

    If the piece is buried away in a book of quartets with its own title perhaps that explains why it couldn't be found in the catalogue. I'll try WoB. Thanks again.

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    I've played this before in the Sally Army, its def a quartet, and from memory it was really really old, slightly bigger than A5 but it was in a set of other quartets, think there were either 2 or 3 other pieces.

    I'll try and track in down and get back to you ASAP.
  10. "Rousseau" from E. Gregson ist quite a commonly-known piece for brass quartet (an excerpt can be heared here: I'm rather surprised it is out of print?! Played it several times myself (and loved it), there has always been somebody else the has brought the music. At least, the lady at SP & S got something wrong there, as it must be in their list anyway. It has nothing to do with the Ogg piece...
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    This quartet was one of four published in the book called SP&S Instrumental Album No. 27.

    Although this publication is long since out of print, as we are the copyright holder, we can supply the quartet (or the whole album) as a high quality copy.

    The easiest way to obtain it is to call our Mail Order Manager, Tim Cook, who has all this information to hand. His direct number is 01933 445 443.
  12. Excellent service, thank you! I've spoken to Mr Cook and the music is on its way. Many thanks to all who responded.