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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Will the Sec, May 8, 2005.

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    Today, having played the first five club games of the season, I was rested. Still having some committee business to deal with, I went to the match.

    We had a new player playing and a chap who hadn't played for a couple of years, and I decided to take the opportunity to umpire the second half and get a closer look at them. This is not unusual - a non playing member will often umpire a whole innings.

    The first over (from square leg) was uneventful - the second wasn't. A no ball, which went for a single, and a glare from my own player. Two balls later he bowled a straight one, and the batsmen got into a horrible mess trying to pull a full length ball, overbalanced, and was hit on the thigh which was by now so low that it was now right in front of middle stump.

    There was an appeal, and despite the batsmen writhing in pain from the blow, I counted to five - and then, not being able to see any reason NOT to give it out, I raised my left index finger.

    The batsman eventually recovers from his pain to see the finger, and trudged off slowly rubbing his thigh. When he got to the boundary he threw the bat and complained to anyone that would listen about how it hit him on the thigh.

    One over later, he marched onto the pitch and said he was relieving me. I asked why, but he wouldn't give an answer, just insisted. I looked to my Club Captain for guidance, and he just shook his head in puzzlement. I reluctantly took off the umpire's coat handed it to him, saying that I found his disrespect for an umpire's decision apalling.

    I am a part qualified cricket umpire, and am completely impartial when umpiring. I umpire a game of cricket - not FOR my club.

    When I got to the boundary, I asked one of their senior players if the batsman in question would have done the same if he he'd been bowled neck and crop - or if an umpire belonging to his club had given the decision. They smiled nervously, and I left, thinking that I might have serious words with the person in question when the match finished and wishing to avoid this happening.

    Needless to say, I feel roundly insulted, having been considered incapable of impartially umpiring a game of cricket. I wait with interest to see how the rest of the game went.

    So, there you go. It isn't just brass band adjudicators that get abused - cricket umpires do too.
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    Sadly this is all too common in a lot of sports these days, even the supposedly more genteel ones. I've seen it when playing cricket, but also in hockey (I passed my Level 1 hockey umpiring exam a few years ago and used to get the odd bit of mouth from the players, but nothing like what football refs get.). I think it started with football and has gradually seeped around to other sports.
    I reckon it need a few high-profile sendings off for swearing to sort it out, it starts with people like Mr Rooney swearing at refs (and he's by no means the only one, just the most recent) and next thing you know some 6 year old's dad down the local park is threatening the ref. In hockey any swearing at all attracts instant punishment, whether sin-bin or sending-off. Rugby is similar, dissent gets you a 10-yard penalty, this rule does exist in football, but how often do you see it used?
    Like most things, don't knock umpires till you've tried doing it yourself!
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    My older brother is an amatuer league referee (he referee's in his local adults sunday league) and doesn't take any abuse from anyone.

    Any sign of dissent at all and he sticks to the letter of the law, so as you can imaging his card stats for the start of the season look pretty severe, but as word got round the league about him and the mouthy ones started to watch what they were saying round him his numbers of cards have dropped substantially.

    They all know he won't stand for it now, so they don't do it.

    Ironic really, cos he's a right gobby git. :biggrin:
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    Well said!

    There was an official trial done whereby a show of dissent meant shifting the ball forward back 10yrds towards the offending teams goal. I think it was at a very minor tournament in Jersey about 5 or 6 years ago, but nothing has become of it.

    Yes, umpiring/refereeing is a very subjective matter and is very difficult to do with having to make many decisions in an instant which could cause the game to swing either way. The players need to respect the umpire's interpretation of the law, and I would have probably written to your league's representative about the matter.
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    As a referee myself, I know exactly what you mean. But they may be about to change. The head of the Premiership referees has issued a directive for next season. ANY player that uses profanity of any kind towards a match official will be sent off and subject to a 3 game ban.

    Watch out for all those reds in the first few months of next season eh????
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    Rooneys not gonna play much then...??

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