round stamp euph (1981) for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Adrian Nurney, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    A great euph, in great condition, my 1981 round stamp is up for sale as I can't fill it as well as required. Last played in the Yorkshire area in March on the solo euph chair in the Championship. It is customised with a trigger on the main slide ( professionally done by Owen Wedgewood) and all the slides are copper plated as well as the bell inner. This was done by FH Lambert in London, who plated Besson instruments when British based. A lot of money has gone into this instrument.
    Images of this instrument are on facebook and it truly is a work of art.
    I have the original blue case which is well used, this instrument will play in tune in any modern band.
    I'm on holiday from Friday for 2 weeks so this is a tentative advert to see if any interest is out there.
    I need a good price on this, but a very reasonable offer may be considered. I live in the Leeds/ Wakefield region.

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  2. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Adrian - can you please post a link to the Facebook pics and also let me know what sort of price (roughly) you're looking for?
  3. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    Hi you can view the pics on my home page...Adrian Nurney
    It's a gorgeous instrument and unique
    I need upwards of £2000 and that will not cover my investment.
  4. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    for a thirty odd year old instrument ?

    Blimey, not taking the mickey here honest. You mention its pedigree but £2000 ?
  5. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Nearly 40, but that's a moot point. Depends on the condition of the instrument - 80s roundstamps are generally good, probably a bit better than your average Sov nowadays - and at a lot lower price. Yes, its a lot of money, I could in theory get a roundstamp for less, however it seems to have been well looked after. As for triggers, I used to be a cornet player so I'm used to them.....whether they are totally necessary on Euphs is open to debate, and certainly for the newer instruments I think its a bit daft to pay 5 grand for summat like a Prestige when it can only play in tune with itself with a gadget - but the cheaper (albeit slightly less robust) Neo doesn't need one.
    Adrian I think you've locked your photos down so unfortunately I cant see them. I can see there are a couple of mutual friends so Im guessing its you (as theyre band-related as well). May do better to post photos on here if you do make serious moves to sell, as I think you'll need to show the work done to it to make that figure worthwhile. I'm not sure you'll capture all of your investment cost though....
  6. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    I think these images should be OK

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  7. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    Beautiful Adrian, £2000 a very good price for this if the valves are all good.
  8. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I happily paid a price in this ballpark for my bass trombone, which was made in 1962 - and euphs run more pricey than bass trombones anyhow. Nothing wrong with a bit of age in a brass instrument if it's been well looked after - and this one looks beautiful. If it plays well enough, almost any price is right for the musician that wants its particular sound. Would Ian rather pay the same for a newer lottery-era euph? I wouldn't. But in a different year, I might well be tempted to give this offer more than the time of day.
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  9. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    A unique instrument...the valves are good and it plays good enough for the championship section...done the last 4 areas on this instrument..including Harmony music
  10. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Looks absolutely beautiful - unfortunately I think its probably out of my price bracket (trying to do the sums.......) and when you consider theres a 967 on ebay at the moment which is probably newer but likely to be a "lottery instrument" and just plain plate as well for the same sort of money I'd rather go for this one......
    Presume being that age its more what we'd think of nowadays as medium bore (rather than large)?
  11. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Good deal or bad ? I have not a clue, it just seems expensive to me. Why did the original owner get rid ? Good luck to the seller. and good luck to anyone with that sort of wonga !
  12. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    Not a clue seems spot I think.
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  13. wkt

    wkt Member

    Beautiful instrument.
  14. Thornybank

    Thornybank Member

    £2,000 seems cheap to me for a tricked out piece with a useful trigger.
    Sold my last 'normal' ones for £1750 to happy folk.
    Keeping my current 'normal' one...
  15. Adrian Nurney

    Adrian Nurney New Member

    Back from 2 week holiday, this instrument is for sale on here first before I start with serious advertising on the usual sites. I do have the original blue case and a plain belly guard (without my name on it).
    Adrian (Yorkshire Imps)
  16. Euphjam

    Euphjam Member

    Average large bore round-stamps sovs of that vintage go for £1500ish all day long, so this looks like a good price for a lovely instrument to me. Heard you play it at the Scottish open last year I think and it sounded great. Good luck with the sale.
  17. Ron Rye

    Ron Rye New Member

    Is this Eupho still for sale?

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