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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by imthemaddude, Jun 30, 2004.

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    I'm off on holiday on monday and decided that my old cycle carrier scratches the car and so I want one of the roof mounted ones so my bike can go next to my canoe. I just went ot Halfords but they dont have the fixing kit that fit the bars i'm after - I'm trying to do it as cheap as possible. Does anyone know anywhere else I can buy roof bars from other than Halfords and Renault?
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    now im not certain that i can help here, but if you cantact these people they may be able to help you, they break renaults and only renaults and usually have loads of stuff.

    heres a link to there website.
    hope they can help.
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    Try your local Do-It-Yourself store: B&Q, Texas, Homebase etc.

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    When i saw the topic name, i thought it was gonna be "so what do you think of roof-top bars, too cold and i'd rather drink in a nice warm pub or very fun way to drink"

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    Stick to slates.
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    You're not the only one to think that...!! :oops: :roll:

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