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    Leeds - Yorkshire - UK
    Just a brief message from Kippax Band to thank tmper Ron Rees Davies (Ronnie_the_Lizard) for helping us out on 3 gigs over the Christmas period - great bloke - great player, and excellent company.
    Ron turned up to several rehearsals before the 3 gigs, and was a really nice guy.
    We had to force him to accept a contribution towards his expenses.
    Thanks Ron - best of luck with your new band (Those lads just up the road !!) and your always welcome at Kippax Band room even if you only want a pint and a chat !!
    - Cheers Ron _ " Nice to see you, to see you nice !!"
    - Wilky
  2. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Doesn't that story reflect on how tMP is a great tool for the brass band community? Bravo to Ron for helping out, and bravo to Wilky for publicly thanking him.
  3. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    It's amazing the attitude of some players. thereis a baritone player from the midlands called Phil (sorry I don't know his surname or which band he plays for). Once a month or so he comes to work in this area for a week or so and usually pops along to our practice. In december not only did he turn out on a freezing day to play carols for us (without any expenses) but he even tried to pay subs to our band on the grounds that we were helping him by allowing him to attend. We could do with more people like this in the banding movement.

    P.S. of course we refused the subs any guest is welcome at any time
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