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  1. 2nd man down

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    So, come on, love them or loathe them (Man U), I don't think anyone can now deny that their lad Ronaldo is something special.

    Last nights free kick against Portsmouth would only have been stopped from going in had James built a brick wall that coverered the entire goal it was that perfectly positioned. Not a keeper in the world could have stopped that one.

    My question is, how long before he deserves to be touted around as genuinely one of the greatest players ever? Does he/will he indeed deserve such a lofty tag?
  2. Thirteen Ball

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    He's certainly the real deal now he's got over all those stupid stepovers he used to do.

    His passing's good, distribution is excellent, he's quick, good mover off the ball, and knows where the net is, (27 goals for a winger is exceptional at the END of a season, let alone this stage) however he's gotta be like that for a couple more years to be a true great in my opinion.

    Like any great character, there has to be a flaw, and the touch of arrogance he exudes, as well as the embarrasing regularity with which he hits the floor every time someone breathes on him, has not done well to endear him to neutral fans - especially as his ability is so great he doesn't even NEED to cheat.

    IT is indicative that he has become referred to (the title of this thread being the perfect example) as simply "Ronaldo" in recent times, rather than "Cristiano Ronaldo" so in the english sporting mentality at least, he may already have eclipsed the achievements of the brazilian centre forward who bore that moniker before him - although a 60 goal a season record and a couple of world cups is a mighty difficult thing to eclipse completely.

    He's definitely got some phenomenal ability, and given time, if he avoids injury and keeps performing to this level, he'll certainly be one of the true all time greats - however it'll be a few years yet before I for one view him as such.
  3. onebandman

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    He is one of the best talents to have ever played in the Premiership

    and also one of the worst sportsmen to have ever played in the Premiership
  4. simonbassbone

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    Any evidence to back up that claim? Less sporting than who? Almost all footballers have at some time been guilty of bad sportsmanship. Ronaldo is no saint but no worse than a lot of others.

    Can't be considered one of the greatest until he's done it for another couple of seasons but he's well on the way.:D
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    He is guilty of some pretty horrendous diving.....

    But I'd rather see a diver get away with it, than some of the scandalous two footed tackles we've seen in recent times. (Which I beleive there is another thread about.)

    Somewhat Reminiscent of David Ginola, I haven't really seen a malicious, leg-breaking side to Ronaldo's game yet - though that may be because I've never seen him make a tackle.
  6. geordiecolin

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    Absolutely class act, but my god is he arrogant.

    Someone'll snap him eventually.