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    Rolls Royce Derby Band Midlands 3rd Section are seeking a principal cornet. We meet once a week on a Monday at our own bandroom at the Rolls Royce Leisure Services in Derby. Currently Leicester 3rd section champions and double 3rd section Bolsover entertainment champions. We are friendly and sociable, and looking to continue forward under the direction of our MD Graham Cardwell.

    Please contact Paul Askew on 01623 427406or 0786 6297739 for more details, or pop into the Bandroom for a blow. You will be made most welcome!

    The band pay no subs and have a sensible work and play ethic.
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    Many thanks cornet driver, not quite sure how I go about changing it. I'll ask the moderators.
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    Rolls Royce Derby Band have immediate vacancies for:

    Soprano Cornet

    Successful Midlands based band. Current Bolsover & Leicester 3rd Section Champions. One rehearsal a week with a sensible contest and concert programme. No subscription.

    Please PM or contact our MD Graham Cardwell on 07811144481 for more details.
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    Rolls Royce Derby Band

    Hello all, we require front row cornet and a soprano for the up coming concert and contest season. Please PM me or give me a ring on 07811144481 if you would like to discuss any further details.

    A great band with sensible and enjoyable contest and concert programming.
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