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  1. tam-tam

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    The Rogerstone Band

    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts

    Due to players leaving for University and jobs abroad, the Rogerstone Band (First Section) who are located near Newport, South Wales, have vacancies on the following instruments:-

    Eb or Bb bass
    Solo Horn

    Anyone interested in these positions can either send me a private message or e-mail me at

    Tim Gittins
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  2. tam-tam

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    See above!
  3. tam-tam

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    The Rogerstone Band - Principal Cornet

    The Rogerstone Band are in need of a principal cornet. If you need a challenge or a change we would love to hear from you. Rogerstone are a very friendly first section band based near Newport just off Junction 28 of the M4. If you are interested send me a private message or e-mail me on

    Tim Gittins
    The Rogerstone Band
  4. Gilesy

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    Rogerstone Band S.Wales

    The Rogerstone Band ( S.Wales ) has vacancies for the following permanent positions:
    Solo Cornet
    BBb Bass
    The band is also competing in the Bugle contest in June and has vacancies specifically for this contest on:
    BBb Bass
    To find out more about the band visit or contact Steve Giles on 07773674856
    Julian Sheppard on 01633 676298
  5. Liz Stanley

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    Rogerstone band is currently looking for:

    An Eb or Bb Bass player
    a cornet/flugel horn player.

    All players welcome. please contact
  6. welshbari_1992

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    Eb or Bb Bass in South Wales Rogerstone

    Rogerstone Band []

    Required: Eb or Bb BassHowever everyone's welcome !We compete in 1st section locally and 2nd section nationally. We are currently working towards future concerts and the regional area rounds under the baton of Mark Hutcherson. Contact:If you want to be a member of a friendly and enthusiastic band contact:-Ben Roberts- Shepard- 07794606140
  7. tam-tam2

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    Hi Ben! Hope you are well!!

    Hope you manage to find a bass player before the area! I will see if I can think of one for you. Will hopefully see you in a week or 2 as I am up in Wales and may well come for a blow if allowed!! Can't come to the Area contest though as mine in the West of England is on the same day.

    Seriously, anyone reading this should in such a position should consider joining Rogerstone - great people - I didn't spend over 10 years there for nothing you know!!
  8. TheMusicMan

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    I can echo what Tim says about Rogerstone band. Jen and I helped the band out for a year or, several years ago and we had a great time. Very welcoming and friendly bunch... good band too!!

    <offtopic>Hey Tim - good to see you on here... did you manage to find that teaching job?
  9. welshbari_1992

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    Thanks everyone !!
  10. Rogibander

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    The Rogerstone Band

    The Rogerstone Band

    Require a Front Row Cornet, following a successful contest period including promotion to 1st section nationally. The band are looking to complete their exciting new set up. All members are welcome and applications are dealt within the strictest confidence.

    With vibrant new leadership the band has many future dates including concerts, contests and possible tour. All players are welcome.

    If you want to be a member of an enthusiastic and friendly band contact :-

    Ben Roberts -
    Julian Shepard- 0779460614
  11. tam-tam2

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    Yeah, I spent years there and can highly recommend it. A fun and friendly band! It's too far for me to come and help you out on the front row but enjoyed playing at a sunny Barry Island last week!! Possible tour - sounds good to me!!

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  12. Any excuse to get to a pub with this lot eh Tim? Hope all is well with you down in Devon.

    I acn only echo the fact that this lot are very welcoming, work and play hard and well worth a look

    Regards, Selwyn.