Rococo Variations - British Open Test Piece

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    Having played the Open test piece last night, I think it should be renamed "Instant Contest". It features more quotes from test pieces than you can shake a stick at. I heard "Cloudcatcher Fells" and "Journey Into Freedom", as well as quotes from Gregson's own works plus a pastishe of Khachaturian's "Masquerade" suite. How many more are in there?
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    Not a lover then? ;)
  3. Simon Preshom

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    I have read an interview with Professor Gregson where he states the various quotations he has used.

    He can't win, if there wasn't a tune...people say 'modern rubbish' and when he quotes a couple of tunes, he is a 'thief'!
  4. Chunky

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    Perhaps people were hoping for 'original' tunes!
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    So how involved was Khachaturian in the Brass Band scene ?

    And apart from Eric Ball and John McCabe who are the other 4 composers payed homage to? The programme notes don't 'name and shame'.

    Interestingly I heard the premiere of Wilby's latest work, Psalms and alleluias, by the National Children's Brass Band last weekend and to me there seemed to be a couple of cloudcatcher-ish quotations in that too. Good piece though, and a spectacular performance by the NCBBGB.
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    There are plenty of references in the Piece to Cloudcatcher Fells, Journey into Freedom, Contest Music, Songs For BL, Handels "Saraband" and references to Purcell and Wilbys Revelation and oddly there is a little bit of An American In Paris.

    Well thanks what i think i can hear anyway. Its an assult on the lips too lol. Should be a good piece once its a little more polished up im suspecting it to be a "Grower".
  8. Brian Bowen

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    I've always thought influences of "Cloudcatcher Fells (McCabe) and "Contest Music" (Heaton) were evident in Gregson's "Of Men and Mountains". A good piece also.
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    I heard that too and thought it was an excellent piece superbly played! Well done NCBBGB. I hope they play that again at the Great Northern Arts Festival in September. I particularly liked the piano part. It really added something different.

    I don't see why "quoting" from other composers works is necessarily a bad thing. Surely it's the biggest compliment a composer can pay to another composer.
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    True enough with Contest Music but Of Men and Mountains?

    I must be missing it somewhere. I will have to listen to both pieces today and decide for myself.
  11. Gorgie boy

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    Also The New Jerusalem and Steadman-Allen's Lord of the Sea. I like the piece - great last section.
  12. towse1972

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    A little bit of "connotations" in there too if I'm not mistaken..
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    It's quite lengthy I've been told ... about 18-19 minutes?
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    Yup..It's a long 'un. Fab though.
  15. brassneck

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    Anything in it that's not predictable ... i.e, new & different than what's expected from EG?
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    You used to say that to me all the time! :)
  17. HBB

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    Pretty predictable really Tom, think a grown up Variations on Laudate Dominum.
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  19. HBB

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    Hats off to Mr. Gregson. A really enjoyable work to play and rehearse. Particularly love the Ray Steadman Allen variations, gorgeous (even if not in the conventional sense) chords and a lovely score of melodies/countermelodies, and the McCabe variation - 2 minutes of excitement! Can't wait! :)
  20. brassbandmaestro

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    Why is it that there is always erattae after a new piece has been published for a major competition. Bands have to fork out what £70 - 80 for the complete set of parts plus conductors score, and there are these erattae?? Anyone ideas?