Rocky Horror Picture Show

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Kerwintootle, Aug 13, 2008.

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  2. Di B

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    Sorry but that is just bad news to me. Rocky is about audience participation first and foremost. Both stage and film has a cult following. Revamping it might attract a new crowd but may put others off. It would certainly not get my vote easily.

    It just wouldnt be the same without tim curry, little nell, richard o'brien and the cheesey settings. If it aint broke why fix it?

    Maybe they will remake the great escape or ET next *shudders*
  3. MarkGillatt

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    I think its a bold move, but possibly a huge mistake. The original is nearly always regarded as the best, and the cast in the original was top class, each perfect for their part. To attempt to "re-creaste it" is wrong, to bring it up to date and maybe put a new slant on it would be much more palettable for the RHPS enthusiast, after all, every theatre performance is different. It will be REALLY interesting to see which actors take the challenge, Russel Brand for Frankenfurter? lol
  4. Keith Lewis

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    Michael Rennie would be very ill if they had a new picture show!!!;)

    Long live Ritz and Curry, some films should be left alone.

    Brand or Depp as Frank on stage however, would be outstanding :clap:

    "Its just a jump to the Left............"

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