Rochdale Citadel Band Celebrates 125 Years

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  1. P_S_Price

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    The Weekend commencing the 29th October celebrates the existence of RCB for 125 Years.

    Past members and Players have been invited back for the weekend.

    Andrew and Sue Blyth are leading the weekend.

    A Massed Rehersal (including past and current members) is taking place on the Saturday at 3pm, followed by a Concert at 7pm.
    All at the SA hall in Newgate, Rochdale.

    A further festival takes place on Sunday evening; and this will include a massed Songster brigade too.

    Details of Pieces etc to follow.

    All are welcome to come and listen, and help us celebrate 125 years of continuaous SA Banding in Rochdale.
  2. annosmond

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    do you have to be in salvation army to join band?x
  3. P_S_Price

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    Hi Ann, At Rochdale we no longer ask people to be full members (ie Soldiers) to play with us; but to play fully (Weekends away, concerts etc etc) we do ask that players attend our church.

    HOWEVER for practices we are a lot more flexible in this. If you really would like to practice with us, then come along one Thursday and have a chat with us. Our music is almost exclusively SA stuff; but there is a massive repertoire in that, and we do play some challenging pieces (Currently - Daystar, Shine as the Light - Just dropped off our play list - Glorifico Aeternum).

    I think we are a very friendly bunch of people; with a mix of ages.

    If you want to hear us there are several Iffy You tube recordings of us. Search for Rochdale Salvation Army Band and that should do the trick.
  4. annosmond

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    oh what a shame we work thursdays til about 9pand every saturday were bus drivers so only time we have off is sunday monday and we paly with wardle mondays,im ex national youth band,and 38 yrs euph player hubby about 6 yrs Bb bass .such a shame thank so much for replying xxxx
  5. P_S_Price

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    Hope you find somewhere. If you play with Wardle Anderson then you will know our BM. He helps them out occasionally.
  6. annosmond

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    no we play with wardle community band as wardle anderson contesting and cant fit that in with working life sadly.they tried to get me too but didnt want hubby we are a team .lol we play in same band no matter what .

    As bus drivers we work long hours and can be at depot up to 16 hours so cannot commit to contesting,xx