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  1. michellegarbutt

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    We're trying to track down a copy of this percussion solo but unfortunately it's out of print. Does any band have a copy they'd be willing to lend or sell us

    Many Thanks
  2. mikey.smithy

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    I know desford played it at butlins so they must have it one would assume? I think Stewie76 is on here who plays with desford. Try PM'ing him
  3. re music

    sorry just trawled through over 2000 pieces but we don't have that one
  4. grandad

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    Try the Central Music Library of the Royal Marines...........
    We have it.
    The phone numbers on the website
  5. Hi Michelle,
    we have it at Desford, ask Sid and he should be able to help, tell him I sent you!


    BBb bass Desford