road racing, velodrome racing and moutain biking

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  1. hi does anyone else in the banding world do road racing or velodrome racing or rough terrain mountain biking?

    was having a disscusion with another member of my band, he does mountain biking and where thinking of some good tracks we can go on.

    we have seen a few in wales that look good
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  2. TheMusicMan

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    I know of an excellent terrain track just outside Newport. It is part of the Cwmcarn Forest Drive, and I regularly see cyclists thumping their way down the tracks when I have been there. It's also a beautiful area too.
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    My hubbie is a mad keen cyclist and we have been to manchester velodrome a number of times to watch some of the top guys race - Look out for "Revolution" races. They do also do days where novices to track racing can go along.

    There is also a very good Cyclocross series in Yorkshire during the winter which he races and I often watch. I love watching cycling - the lycra may have something to do with it!!