RNCM Low Brass Day

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    Dear friends

    Here is the timetable of events for the exciting Low Brass Day at the RNCM which is coming soon , on Friday 21st Jan. It is the perfect curtain raiser to the RNCM Festival of Brass which begins with a concert from Grimethorpe on the Friday evening. This afternoon of music making is not to be missed. All events are free and open to the public.

    Highlights include :

    * first performance in of the 'Concerto for Baritone' by Andy Duncan in the
    version for baritone and piano performed by Katrina Marzella

    * first UK concert performance of 'A La Suite Classique' by the Japanese
    composer Yasuhide Ito, performed by Steven Mead

    * first UK concert performance of 'Three Stories, Three Worlds' (Concerto for Euphonium)
    by Pete Meechan in the version for piano and percussion, performed by David Thornton

    * performance of 'Epitaph V' (Leningrad) for tuba, two pianos and
    percussion, by Martin Ellerby, performed by James Gourlay

    * Philip Sparke's 'Two Part Invention' performed by the RNCM residents,
    Steven Mead and David Thornton

    * Sergio Carolina , one of the top jazz tuba players in the world, will
    tell his secrets in how to get started with improvisation

    * the huge RNCM Low Brass Orchestra will play an amazing arrangement of
    Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries', Finale of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony.,
    the Slavonic Rhapsody (Friedmann), the Adagio (Barber) and more !

    RNCM Low Brass Day

    Friday 21st Jan 10am-5.30pm

    open baritone session with Katrina Marzella

    leading student ensembles in concert (concert hall)

    Tuba jazz improv with Sergio Carolina (concert hall)
    Euphonium and baritone student recital (LRR)

    Tuba Masterclass with Roger Bobo (concert hall)
    Euphonium Masterclass with David Thornton (LRR)

    RNCM Low Brass Orchestra cond. Steven Mead and Roger Bobo (concert hall)

    Faculty/Guest Recital (concert hall)
    James Gourlay, Steven Mead, David Thornton, Katrina Marzella and Sergio
    With John Wilson and Martyn Parkes, piano

    Admission free.
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    Just wondered, who is going to this? I should be because I will of finished all my exams by then but I know a lot of people must be working/at school.
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    I'll be popping along, looks set to be a fantastic day! :D
  4. me... hopefully, if anyone will go with me!
  5. kiwibari

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    lower brass day was great. and seeing the baritone geting exposure like it did was fantastic-katrina playing the new baritone concerto was great!!. a credit to all those at the college for an event to remember.