RNCM Festival of Brass 2010: highlights on Radio 3

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  1. PeterBale

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    Radio 3 are broadcasting extracts from the RNCM Festival as part of Afternoon on 3 all week.

    Today's pieces are Aagaard-Nilsen's "Euphonium Concerto No 2", with David Thornton and Black Dyke, followed by "Journey into Freedom" played by Fodens.

    To listen on the BBCiplayer click on the link below, and the brass items start at around 2hr 28:
  2. PeterBale

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  3. Kjata

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    Just listened to the two pieces I wanted to (Titan and Journey into Freedom) and I have to say that there is a world of difference in quality.
    Cory seemed very inconsistent, some bits being very good (the beginning) and some not so good (the semi's passage at the end).
    Foden's however was top class, and consistently top stuff.
    Was January when swine flu hit Cory?
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    If that was a serious question, no.....that was just prior to BiC.
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    Thanks for the links and time Peter, btw :)
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    Wednesday's broadcast:
    Elgar Howarth: In Memoriam R K
    Foden's Band
    Gary Cutt (conductor)

    Wilfred Heaton, adapted Paul Hindmarsh: Suite for Brass Band - Scherzo (world premiere)
    Foden's Band
    Gary Cutt (conductor)

    Torstein Aagard-Nilsen: Chant (UK premiere)
    Foden's Band
    Gary Cutt (conductor).

    (start around 1hr 23min)
  7. Aidan

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    When is Leyland on....

  8. James Yelland

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    It was interesting to listen to the Heaton Scherzo again yesterday and to be reminded of its history. Starts off as the existing scherzo from Partita begins before suddenly changing into the recently discovered 'alternative' scherzo. Well, I find it interesting anyway.

    By the way, is the word Maunsell really pronounced Mansell, as the presenter did on Tuesday? I only ask because in last year's broadcasts we got a piece by Gilbert Vintner. Give them a name like Szymanowski, though, and these Radio 3 presenters don't put a foot wrong.
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    Not meaning to sound horrible kjata but have you ever heard cory! or have you ever played in a top band? I was at that concert with cory and it was amazing and a great concert! In future I would advise you to keep comments like that to yourself :) !
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    They'll be on the same programme as brighouse, one of the stand out concerts of the festival by all accounts..........oh..............
  11. PeterBale

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    Thursday's concert:
    Gareth Wood: Brass Triumphant (world premiere)
    Cory Band
    Robert Childs (conductor)

    Torstein Aagard-Nilsen: Circius
    Cory Band
    Robert Childs (conductor)

    Eric Leidzen: Song of the Brother
    Glyn Williams (euphonium)
    Foden's Band
    Gary Cutt (conductor).

    (starts around 2hr 23m)

    Incidentally, although it may have been the premiere of the complete score of "Brass Triumphant" Cory had played a couple of the movements at the Brass on Sunday concert following the Open in September.
  12. Humphrey

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    Maybe she hasn't but I think she's entitled to her opinion don't you?
  13. Humphrey

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    Same time as:




    I wonder if 4BR prepared the programmes? ;)
  14. Ali

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    DOnt you mean he? The photo is very misleading!
  15. tpcornet12

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    I went to the Fodens concert and I agree it was fantastic (almost faultless). If they play Battle of Barossa it is definately worth a listen - it made my heart race it was so good! :clap:
  16. PeterBale

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    It's on today's broadcast:

    Karl Jenkins: Euphonium Concerto
    David Childs (euphonium)
    The Cory Band
    Robert Childs (conductor)

    Andy Scott: Battle of Barossa (world premiere)
    Ivor Stevenson (narrator)
    Foden's Band
    Gary Cutt (conductor).

    (starts around 2hr 20m)
  17. Humphrey

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    I don't know? Do I? Does it make a difference?