RNCM - Eikanger Concert

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  1. johnflugel

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    I think it's worth mentioning about the Eikanger Band at the RNCM. As expected the band gave a terrific concert and proved again what a really great ensemble they are.

    Paul Hindmarsh stated before the programme that due to funding issues, the festival was unable to cover the costs associated with bringing the band from Norway. The band received a fee for the concert but found their own funds to get to Manchester as they simply wanted the chance to perform in the UK at the RNCM Festival.

    I am sure there are bands (some of whom don't touch the standard of Eikanger) would not travel 10 minutes up the road to perform a fairly run-of-the-mill programme without commanding a large fee. It's brilliant to see a band like this wanting to perform somewhere because they simply love doing it.
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  2. HBB

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    Special mention I think needs to go to their 5 percussionists. They did a fantastic job, and so versatile! At one point all 5 were playing pretty rock hard tuned percussion parts, yet in West Side Story were just as virtuoso! (Hats off to the percussionist who played timps with Maracas :) )
  3. Flugelmahorn

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    I thought they were excellent and certainly lived up to my expectations having previously heard their stunning performance of Riffs and Interludes at Belfast last year. A very demanding programme to get through the Romeo & Juliette suite and then follow it up with Festival Music and Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. The band certainly sounded very much at home in the latter. You could see from their faces how much they enjoyed being there and performing for the audience.

    A tenner very well spent indeed and the same applies to the Fodens concert later on - which was something else.
  4. James Yelland

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    Yes, a fantastic sound and programme from a fantastic band. And what an inspirational conductor - maximum results from only minimal gestures. Real music making.
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    Also good to see that Radio 3 have resumed 'normal' service for the Festival of Brass, running daily 2pm slots for five days on the trot with Eikanger given prime time airplay at 7:30pm on the Wednesday.

  6. Baritonedeaf

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    Saw them at the Europeans in Belfast and they were awesome. Absolutely phenomenal entertainment...