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    I just bought my Son a gig bag for his tuba, and ordered a Ritter 18" ( according to the web site it's an Eb ) bag for his Sovereign 982 ( I think it must have the 19" bell ) . When we got the bag its HUGE and the Tuba is tight round the bell with about a foot spare at the bottom of the bag!

    I thought they may have sent me the BBb bag instead, however not according to the website, in fact according to the web site the 22" bag ( BBb ) is shorter by 25cm! Anyway I've phoned them and their going to get back to me when someone who knows bags is around ( fair enough ).

    Question is, does anyone else have one of these bags and if so which one should it be? the 18" or 22"? ( can't really afford any other bags as their nearly 3 times the price ).

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    Ritter tuba gig bags are quite frankly poo! they dont proctect the instrument i have seen many instruments get damaged from them. One person at uni had one and within 3 month his brand new Sov Eb and the bell was bent in half. I would recomend the vincent bach gig bags i have used them for all my tubas both Eb n BBb and i have never had a problem

    This is just my view on them i wouldnt recomend them.
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    just to add (as i didnt read the whole post first time) that i know the price's are expensive but they last for ages, i bought an Eb one 5 years ago now n my tuba is still fine and i have had my BBb one for 2 years and there has never been a problem (both were vincent bach's)
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    Well I've just bought the new besson sovereign 982 and the Ritter 22" gig bag. I bought the larger one, as the 18" is to small, but the common thing to do with them is then get the excess padding to make up the gap. Hopefully this will protect it more, and I just hope Owens friend hadn't looked after it properly.
    I'll post back on my verdict of it when it arrives.
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    I looked at the Ritter gig bags recently and was warned off them by many people as, essentially, they're designed for the continental/USA CC/F tuba market, it's more just a 'that''ll do' for the Eb/BBb.

    At college I had a Reunion Blues leather bag which was great but I sold it when I got home and always had a car; wish I hadn't now with hindsight but that's life.

    When I wanted a new gig bag now I've ended up with the Virtuosi bag at about £130. I've actually been quite impressed with it. Yes, I have to be careful, but no gig bag is going to give anywhere near the protection of a hard case. The protection in the Virtuosi bag is as good as the Reunion Blues I had easily.

    Option B is the 'Bags' case that John Packer sell, a bit more expensive at about £200 but this is effectively a hard case but at the weight of a gig-bag. I had one and loved it. It eventually fell apart after 5/6 years of use including flights etc and I thought about buying another one but I wanted something smaller.

    If I were you I'd try to return the Ritter and get a refund. Nearly everyone I've spoken to have either had problems or have had to improvise with their own padding etc. to make it fit.

    Hope that this is of some help.
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    When I was playing Trumpet & Cornet, (it feels like in a former lifetime now!) I had a Ritter Trumpet bag, and must say it was dire - the stitching came away parallel with the zip - and that was for an instrument I only occasionally used! :-(
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    My friend did look after his tuba, its just there is no modelling to the bag for our tuba's. The extra padding might full the space the bag leaves but i just personally feel they are horrible bags.

    Altho them Virtusoi hard gig bags sound like a very good alternative, because i always wanted a hard case that i could put on my back to carry around
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    ah right ok, well i'll see what the Ritter is like with the extra padding.
    If it falls apart after a while then i'll be gettin a refund, but i will check around about the other issues.
    Does anyone know of any cheaper reunion and blues cases then?
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    I must admit I fell into this trap too. Not quite sure what type (or bass) they are for but I bought the 18' one for my EEb thinking it would be fine only to find it didn't fit so I ordered the 22' only to find it was miles too big. I now have 2 Ritter Gig bags with no use for them. They offer little protection. Bit useless really. You get what you pay for!!
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    Surprises me how folk are prepared to spend £1000's of pounds on an instrument, but want to pay peanuts to protect it!!!
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    Fortunately the company in question have said they'll take them back, and I've orderesd a Tom and Wills. Re cost, yes I agree that a good case is worth it's weight in gold, but sadly reality hits the pocket and we just don't have the funds for an expensive one. Also the instrument is an old second hand one, worth 100's rather than 1000's.

    Had it been brand new..... I don't think I'd have let have a gig bag, and probably followed him around everywhere to make sure it didn't get dinged :)
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    I unfortunately had the rather uneviable situation of buying a 'Ceres' gig bag. My god!!! What a load of **** they are!! Spoke to an old friend of mine and she said yeah I know. I should've asked her. O well, experience! Those Virtuosi ones sound good though. Might make a few enquiries, ie, that friend!
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    Bought my Dad a Ritter Euphonium bag 2y ago. He loves it. Was recommended by another player.
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    Just to add, I use a Ritter gig bag for my euphonium and while not the best for protection it does the job and is easier to carry than a bulky Besson Prestige case.
    For Eb tuba I have found the Vincent Bach gig bags to be the best. More expensive but there is a good thick foam padding everywhere which overlaps on the edges and its made of nice thick material. I wouldn't put my Eb tuba in a Ritter bag!
    I am waiting for 'Gig' branded gig bags to make ones for euphonium possibly tuba as the trombone ones I find really good.
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    Jennyt125, How many instruments do you play??^^^^^


    I use the 22" for my BBb Bass. It really is pretty pants. It does give some protection, though only a little. Enough for me to put the bass in the boot of my car which I would struggle to do with the hard case. It is handy with all the compartments to hold mouthpiece, stand, tuba stand, music etc.

    It is good for one thing though... Giving people a laugh as I try to put it on my back like a rucksack. :biggrin:
  19. ive tried the euphonium ritter gig bags, they offer very little protection at all, a friend of mine uses one for his euphonium and complains about it a lot. The straps have ripped. I personally use a vicent bach gig bag, i have done for 5 years and it is still fantastic. I also know that the bach tuba gig bags are of a very good quality to. Has anyone else experienced these problems with the ritter gig bags?
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    I play euphonium in a brass band and EEb bass in a concert/wind band, also play trombone but having shoulder trouble at the moment. I like playing in a fourth section band and thats about the scope of my euph playing but play in higher sections on tuba. There aren't enough players for all the bands in Cornwall like anywhere I suppose so anyone who can walk through the door and play whatever is needed is very welcome! On the other hand 'jack of all trades, master of none' .................. :)
    There must be others out there who double on brass and play more than one instrument? Trumpet and cornet or Eb horn and flugel?

    Anyway back to the original post in response to welsheuphmanjamie - on my ritter bag the straps are quite thin so have folded over meaning it doesn't sit on your back properly especially when riding a motorcycle to band. Totally agree i'd get a vincent bach one if buying again.