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    Just a quick question. As I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest shop that stocks gigbags for tubas is literally hundreds of miles away, I am looking to buy one over the web. I was looking at the ritter one which looks ok for the price. (typical tight Aberdonian!)

    I know that the bach one would be better, but it is also mush more expensive. The point of it is purely to carry the tuba from the house to the car and then from the car to the band hall. (a total of 15m tops! I do not intend carrying it arround on trains, busses or having it on my back on a bike :eek: ) - so it is purely to protect it in the car from scratching. I could just take the case, but it is bulky and I do not want to ruin the seats of my new car. There is a child seat in the back of the car so I am hoping to put it in the boot. I play a EEb and was advised that the EEb version does fit the sovereign even though it says that it is 18 inches. Is this the case?

    Thanks for all advice.


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    Hi there Andrew,

    Just a few thoughts on the ritter gig bags. I also play EEb and bought a Ritter bag. The problem I had was that it was too tall for the tuba. The bell fitted well but there was about 6-8 inch gap at the top and when i lifted the case the instrument moved about inside. Its a really useful thing to have but I am just worried that its not good for the instrument.

    Adam Moore


    Was it the 18 inch or the 22 Inch that you bought?
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    I had the same problem and switched my 18inch case for a 22inch case which is actually shorter although of a larger diameter (think the 18" is designed for the taller, but smaller belled BBb) Still a bit of room to spare, not like a Bach case, but i keep a couple of bed pillows in the case for extra padding (and they're useful if you have a hard seat!).

    David at Newcastle Music (http://www.newcastlemusic.co.uk) is helpful and is pretty cheap too and has a good website.
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    Re-union blues was always my choice for Tuba gig bags....

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