Ritter euph gig bag questions

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by mclaugh, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I've been looking at the Ritter euph bag, but there are only a handful of vendors in North America, so it's hard to find info beyond the catalog description, much less find one locally to check out. I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you can answer for me.

    Is there a flap under the zipper to prevent the zipper from making contact with and scratching the horn?

    When carrying with the rucksack straps, does the bell point up or down? (Bell up, I hope!)

    In the pictures I've seen, there appears to be a strap of some sort on the bow end of the bag. Is that a buckle (like on the altieri bag) to hold the bag closed in case of zipper failure?

    Does the case open up completely or do you need to hold it open to get the horn out/put it away?

  2. two of my euphonium pals have ritter gig bags, i will see them both tomorrow, they aren't the best around. I know someone who had one for xmas this year and has used it only a few times and its broke already. I have a vincent bach leather gig bag myself, ive had it for 5 years and its indestructible! my girlfriend has just purchased the horn bach gigbag and they are fantastic! :tup hope you find this helpful!
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    Sorry but have to disagree with you here!!! I have used a ritter bag for the past year for my job as a brass peri teacher(euph) and have found no problems whatsoever with it. I also have a leather vincent bach case and yes perhaps the quality is better on the bach case but wouldn't you expect a higher quality from an item costing near £100 extra????? The ritter bag is much easier to carry as it has straps enabling it to be carried in a rucksack form.

    In reply to the original posters questions... The bell points down in the case. There is no protection over the zipper to stop it touching the instrument inside. The handle on the bow end is purely for ease of lifting as the bag stands upright with bell facing down.

    It's a case of horses for courses... you pay for what you get!! Ritter bags are the bottom end of the market but in my opinion are good value for money.

  4. ok, i just said what i was told, i'm unaware of the prices. I was only trying to lend a hand, on my gig bag you can change the strap to use as a rucksack and its perfectly comfortable. good luck
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    Thanks for the detailed response, Shaun.

    I guess I'll pass on the Ritter bag. I've had bad luck with bell-down bags: can't seem to navigate doors, stairs, other tight spaces, etc. without banging the bell into something. :mad:
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    Do we have different Ritter bags, Shaun? My girlfriend's one can be carried on the back either bell-up or bell-down, but is much more comfortable bell-up.