Rising Sun - Jens Lindemann (Trumpet) with Canadian S.B.

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    I was first aware of the talents of Jens Lindemann when I heard him play with Canadian Brass at Regent Hall, London some years ago.
    Since leaving Canadian Brass, Jens has been building a career as an international trumpet soloist including playing at 'Last Night of the Proms'.

    The concept for this recording began with a radio broadcast that Jens did with the Canadian Staff Band of The Salvation Army in 2002. He decided there and then that he wanted to record with this group.

    Rising Sun is the result and we are delighted to be able to add this recording to our catalogue. I am, perhaps, guilty of overusing the word 'stunning' but have no hesitation in using it again to describe this CD. The talents of Jens deserve to be more widely known and we hope that having it in our catalogue will spread the word!
    Kevin Ashman is currently writing a review for me and I'll post that on the WoB site as soon as I have it.

    Here's the track list;
    Malaguena (Lecuona arr. Freeh)
    Riverdance (Whelan arr. Farr)
    Rising Sun (Vizzutti arr. Norbury)
    Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin arr. Turrin/Christmas)
    Soul Bossa Nova (Jones arr. Duncan)
    Slavische Fantasie (Hohne arr. Graham)
    Joshua Swings the Battle (Trad arr. Bulla)
    Adagio from Concerto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo arr. Bolton)
    Concertino Classico for Two Trumpets (Horovitz) with James Thompson.
    Sachse Concertino (Sachse)
    Eriskay Love Lilt (Trad arr. Duncan)
    Standing on the Promises (Court)

    Here's the link;
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    Rising Sun

    Thanks for the good word! Jens is a phenomenal player and an absolutely fantastic guy to work with.

    On Saturday night (May 1st), Jens was the guest at our 35th Anniversary festival and thrilled us once again. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recorded the concert for full broadcast across the country on Canada Day (July 1st).

    It didn't hurt that the producer of this album - Karen Wilson - has a Grammy to her credit.

    Look forward to reading the review.

    Craig Lewis
    Principal Trombone - Canadian Staff Band
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    Re: Rising Sun

    Craig, do the CBC have a facility where you can listen on the internet, like the BBC?
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    CBC radio

    You can listen to CBC radio live at the following link http://www.cbc.ca/audio.html#

    I will post the exact details about time and program when they become available.

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    This guy is something else - it is well worth buying the CD. I have been fortunate to have heard a previous recording of him performing with CSb and he is an amazing player. The band has always been a fine ensemble as well and am sure did a great job backing Jens.

    In want a copy for that plug Craig! :wink: