Ripon entertainment contest 4th June

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  1. IJK

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    Looking forward to this on Saturday here is the list of the bands



    Trimdon Concert

    Lofthouse 2000




    Durham Constabulary

    Ripon City

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield

    Clifton & Lightcliffe

    Bearpark & Esh
  2. Paddy Flower

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    Paddy's twopeneth worth...

    Clifton & Lightcliffe - 7/4 fav
    Ripon City - 11/5
    Lofthouse 2000 - 11/2
    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield - 7/1
    Bearpark & Esh - 16/1
    Thurlstone - 18/1
    Durham Constabulary - 18/1
    Leyburn - 20/1
    Golcar - 40/1
    Burneside - 50/1
    Trimdon Concert - 66/1
    Knarsborough - 66/1

    and the very best of luck to all concerned
  3. mrgoodlad

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    Anyone know what the draw is for this?
  4. AmandaD

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    You do know it's the Clifton and Lightcliffe 'B' band ? The Senior band are second section and not eligable for this contest.

  5. blasterbates

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    Yep - see IJK's post - it's in draw order.

    Looking forward to Thurlstone's debut at this competition and getting the opportunity to perform in such a lovely venue.

    Good luck all - see you there!
  6. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    They did look a bit out of polace as the only 2nd section band there. Ah well, how about this instead...

    Ripon City - 5/4 fav
    Lofthouse 2000 - 4/1
    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield - 5/1
    Bearpark & Esh - 12/1
    Thurlstone - 12/1
    Durham Constabulary - 12/1
    Leyburn - 14/1
    Golcar - 25/1
    Burneside - 28/1
    Trimdon Concert - 50/1
    Knarsborough - 50/1
    Clifton & Lightcliffe 'B' - 66/1
  7. tubafran

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    Just got back from this contest

    1st - Ripon City
    2nd - Ireland Colliery Band
    3rd - ?

    Most entertaining programme - Ireland Colliery Band
    Best March - Ripon City
    Best Hymn - Ripon City
    Best solo - cornet Ripon City
  8. baridis

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    I understand Leyburn came 3rd...
  9. IJK

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    Really enjoyed this contest well run and a good audience
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    In Richard Evans comments afterwards he mentioned that Dobcross Band had folded - however just read on 4bars that they have a new MD

    Anyone else hear that? I was at the back but thats what we thought he said
  11. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Would some kind person please put up what the bands played.

  12. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Ireland Colliery

    Mid All The Traffic (hymn)
    Be A Clowne
    Blaze Away (march)
    4th movement of The Four Noble Truths

    first piece was played without music by whole band - Richard Evans only comment "WOW"
  13. numptycornet

    numptycornet Member

    Does anyone know the rest of the results please?
  14. therunningman

    therunningman New Member

    Knaresborough Silver Band (Drawn #1) :

    Fanfare: Towers and Chimneys - Philip Wilby
    Vitae Lux - Frode Alnaes arr. Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (Lesley Kinder / Flugel)
    Solo: Share my yoke - Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko (James Perry / Cornet)
    March: Westward Ho - Edwin Firth
    Hymn: Lord of all hopefulness - arr. S.Morland
    One Voice - Manilow arr. Ray Farr (Brian Trickett / Euph)

    Still not seen any results apart from those announced on the night!
  15. therunningman

    therunningman New Member

    Full Results (Music/Entertainment/Penalty):
    1 - Ripon (180/38 ) 218
    2 - Ireland (178/40) 218
    3 - Leyburn (176/37/-1) 212
    4 - Lofthouse (177/33) 210
    5 - Burneside (174/34) 208
    6 - Bearpark & Esh (175/32) 207
    7 - Golcar (173/35/-1) 207
    8 - Thurlstone (171/36) 207
    9 - Durham Constabulary (170/39/-3) 206
    10 - Trimdon (172/33) 205
    11 - Knaresborough (169/32) 201
    12 - Clifton & Lightcliffe (168/32) 200
  16. Notebook

    Notebook Member

    What were the penalties for please?
  17. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Usually for going over time limit
  18. therunningman

    therunningman New Member

    Yes the results say that the penalties were for being over time in each case, 1pt per minute or part of. Limit was 20mins.
  19. Frontman

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    I can confirm that 'Dobcross Band' are very much alive and kicking and will be in full view on Whit Friday both during the day with the Whit Walks and also in the evening at the contests.

    I am in regular contact and they are very strong with a full band.

    I believe that Nick Payne is taking the out on Whit Friday with their new M.D. Ken Pain taking over immediately afterwards.
  20. peterg

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    Contest sec. - Ripon

    As the contest organiser I must give a big thankyou to the ireland Colliery Chesterfield and the Bearpark & Esh bands for the loan of their snare drums after the resident one went defective. This is friendly banding at its best, many thanks.

    I hope everyone had a great day out as well as taking part in the contest. From my point of view everyone was great, the contest finished on time mainly thanks to the bands being very well organised.

    The contest results as posted by the running man are absolutely correct.

    Provisional date for 2012 is Sat 2nd June.

    Ripon City played:

    March - Arnhem
    Stal Himmel
    The Nightingale - soloist Michael Lumsdon
    Hymn - Amazing Grace
    Finale from Faust

    Well done everyone, thanks for making my job easy on the day.