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  1. Lna

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    Check latest posts for current vacancies

    Ripon City band are looking to recrute all cornet positions, Bb and Eb basses and percussion. We are a friendly third section band needing commited players. We rehearse tuesday and friday evenings 7.30 till 9.30 then have a pint at our very own bar!!!!! If interested please visit our website.

    Cornet players come and choose your seat!

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  2. musicmaker

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    Top seat second seat rep seat 2nd 3rd bar proper upper Eb Bb Cymbals Triangle

    Like LNA says

    Ripon have space on all cornet seats for committed players. We do understand work and family commitments and we like a pint or 8 after band (8 when wife will drive) (like tonight)

    We do have players who can’t commit fully which is why we have so many spaces as an (associate player) who doesn’t hold a seat. (AP) players come when they can and are valued members, but we need to build the full timers back ready for the areas.

    POP down for a blow (brass players) a bang (perc players) or just a pint ALL PLAYERS.

    RIPON CITY BAND. On the move upwards, with YOUR HELP

    LNA will even let you buy her a drink in the bar after ;););)
  3. PlayerPete

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    we are still looking x x
  4. dyl

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  5. fhorny

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    Ripon is in North yorkshire???
  6. Lna

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    Yes Ripon is in North Yorkshire, our bandroom is near the Cathedral on the banks of the River Skell. Please visit our website, if you would like to get in contact for information and directions. Cheers!
  7. dyl

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    fhorny: I think you know full well where Ripon is - seeing as you have it in your profile as your location, and have mentioned in your only other post on tMP that you play for Ripon Band. ;)

    Can we please not 'bump' recruitment threads - we need to be fair to all bands who are looking for players.

  8. musicmaker

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    Ripon band welcomes two new cornet players to our fold and what makes it better is they also like a pint.

    Come and join them, we still have some spaces as we get ready for xmas then the areas next year.
  9. Lna

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    Ripon City Band are now also looking for a bass trombone player as well as the other vacancies advertised! Please visit our website for more information!
  10. musicmaker

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    After the xmas period we hope to get sorted and get our selves down to the areas, but to enable us to do this we do need to fill at least three of our seats.
    We need an Eb bass, Back row cornets and front row cornets to enable us to go to the areas. We also need bass trom Bb Bass and any more perc players.

    So if your in a none contesting band or even want a different seat than you have at your own band please get in touch.

    You can contact me in confidence


    Any ex members are welcome to contact me even if you were part of the wakeman spilt all those years back.

    Help us keep Ripon going.
  11. Lna

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    Ripon City Band would like to welcome Linzy who joins us on horn! We are still looking for cornet players, bass players and percussion players to complete the band!
  12. musicmaker

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    Well after a few weeks away and the privilege of playing for Prince Williams sovereigns parade I’m back up north and ready to stand back at the front @ Ripon City.

    I hoped to rejoin the band fully up to strength but alas there is still some space.

    Requirements to join Ripon City

    1. must be a big drinker
    2. (for the main band) must be able to play
    3. (for the training band) must have the potential to be a big drinker!!!!

    We still have space for all cornets Bass trombone, both basses and Simon would like a little friend or two to stand at the back and help him make his shed.


    So come and join us show the north just how good Ripon City Band is.

    As I have said above if you are a past member of Ripon why not return.

    Tue training band 615 – 715
    Main band 730 – 930
    Fri main band 730 – 930

    Tue & Fri 930. The bar can open earlier if people would like to have a drink and listen to the band, or when darts and Dom’s are playing at home.
    Sat 830 – collapse


  13. Lna

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    The Ripon City Band are on their way to once again having a full band! We welcome back our repiano cornet player and a new bass player is joining us in the new year! we are still looking for top cornets, bass players, bass trombone and perc players ready for the areas. If you are interested in any of the positions, please visit our website.
  14. musicmaker

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    more peeps join Ripon

    New trombone player starting this week who also has 2 cornet paying kids.


    We still need a top man for the areas.
  15. Lna

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    Rehearsals for the areas are going well but we still need important seats filling! Principle cornet, bass trombone and percussion! For contact details and imformation on the band, visit our website,
  16. musicmaker

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    percussion sorted now but we could do with another Bb bass. As well as top seat, 3rd cornet, bass trom.
  17. musicmaker

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    Full Band

    Ripon City Band will be hosting a full band for the Areas this March APART FROM us now needing a kit player. We have a timp and glock player but have lost our kit player due to work commitments over the next 3months.

    After the areas we will still need some full time players. Although, we welcome anyone who wants to become an Associate player (AP). (AP's) don't hold a full time seat but are still fully paid up members who we couldn’t survive without.

    So if you like what we do at the areas and want to join us.




  18. Lna

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    Ripon City Band went to the areas and gave a fantastic performance winning second place and a place in the finals! :clap: We are still on the look out for committed players so we can be sure to give another confident performance at the finals in September! Front row and back row cornets would be welcomed with open arms! Visit our website, for more information about us. Cheers!
  19. steve butler

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    Ahh, Ripon band club, I remember pulling pints behind that bar (if its the same one) back when I was in short trousers - what a long time ago. I played there with my dad (bass trom), Colin Outhwaite on prin cornet and a guy called Norman ....... surname escapes me conducting. many happy hours spent at that lovely club.............. I must have a look at your website to bring back more memories
  20. musicmaker

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    Norman Is Norman Lonsdale and he's still here.

    We could do with some more FULL TIME BASSES.