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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by musicmaker, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Ripon city band seeks committed players that are up to the grade. After coming 5th in our first appearance in the 3rd section, we have continued this and done well at Ripon contest and also Kirkby Lonsdale.
    All though we are fielding a full band on most events some of our members are not able to commit full time due to work and family commitments and some are old members hanging in there till we can fill that seat, we are trying to swell the band so we have full commitment from a 25 peace band. To enable us to do this we need the following.

    Sop Cornet
    Principle Cornet
    Front row cornet
    Back row
    1st Horn
    Bb basses

    We are after taking the band further and to do this we need committed players at all times, who want to move forward with the band.

    If you are interested in joining a forward moving 3rd section band and think you are up to standard please contact me
    Come for a blow and see what you think or just a listen and have a drink!!!!!!!
  2. musicmaker

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    Players At Ripon

    It is so nice to welcome back Simon Gardner on Kit, Simon stopped coming whilst he changed job and got married (congratulations from all). Simon comes to us from Leeds each week and is an asset to the band.

    Also welcome to Kirsty on cornet. An ex member of Tewit from years past, she has decided to start playing again and comes to us from Harrogate each week.

    We are still looking for committed players of standard in the following seats.

    Tutti Cornet
    Back row
    1st Horn
    Tuned / Aux perc

    We have had some other enquiries and hope to be able to tell you of further seats filled very soon.

    The band has some good gigs in for this year and a poss CD
  3. The Smudger

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    Ripon City Band Vacancies?

    I am moving to North Yorkshire shortly. Have you still got any vacancies? What standard are you looking for? :)
  4. musicmaker

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    We still need some cornets, both front row and back. and basses.

    the band is hoping to do a cd this year and we have a good number of engagements in already.

    We have just had a drummer return and a new 3rd cornet player arrive.

    if you want to see where the band is ect feel free to go on our site.

    look forward to seeing you.
  5. The Smudger

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    Ripon City Band Vacancies

    Hope to come along for a blow - but to help out on the logistics during the house move, can you lend me a bass for the evening?

    Your web site is one of the best I have seen for a long time. Sounds like Ripon get some really plum jobs to do. Doing the Brassed Off stage production looks like it will be fun.
  6. musicmaker

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    Ripon Band Welcomes ALL Players

    Any player of standard can come and play with the main band. Any players that don't feel they are up to standard can always come and play with the training band.

    Update on seats still up for grabs.

    Tutti cornet
    Back row (I move all back row players around to benefit all)
    1st Horn

    The Band has some good gigs this year to include a BRASSED OFF Stage show and we are doing a joint concert with two other dales bands.

    For any info on the band please contact me via PM or email (
    Or visit our web site (
  7. musicmaker

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    Principal Cornet

    The Ripon City Band, is in desperate need, of a Principal Cornet and other front row players. Due to work and family commitments we have dropped down to one committed player on the front, who is working hard and doing his best. BUT he and I would like to see some more peeps on the front row.

    ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    1. A solo cornet in a 2nd or 1st section band. Why not drop a section and have a go at the top seat.

    2. A back row player that wants to get on the front?

    3. Just someone that wants a change.

    We are a welcoming band with our own social club which has CHEEP beer.

    If you just fancy a blow pop down.

    Apply in confidence to

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