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    Looking at booking as unfortunately the band has entered Butlins. I'm playing Saturday, daughter will be playing Saturday and Sunday in youth section.

    There's an offer on Butlin's website '50% off all breaks and an additional £60 off per booking' (Selected weekends)

    Thought I'd have a look. They are advertising 16 weekend breaks at Butlins Skegness, the band contest weekend only offers 20% off, and would you believe it, it is the SECOND most expensive weekend break listed. The most expensive being the New Years Weekend.

    Another factor that really annoys me, 3 night break, those of us who have children cannot stay the 3rd night as school beckons on Monday morning. So as it stands, a £265 self catering chalet, which we would use for 2 nights, Butlins are getting a third of that £88 for nothing.

    Entertainment is boring (who wants to listen to Brass bands when you've been playing yourself in a contest), about the only thing for the kids is the pool, anything else you pay well over the odds for. Beer is poor and over priced, and the choice of food in the restaurants is limited.

    Oh, and if you don't want to stay there, £16 a head per day to play in a contest !!!! Considering we would have to go in two days, for the 3 of us attending £96.

    Rant over for the time being !!
  2. boourns

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    I bet you're great fun at parties.


    I am !! Cheeky t*@t
  4. ChrisHatch

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    Other than that he's really looking forward to it.
  5. Will the Sec

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    We really need a "Whinge" button to go with the "Like" button people are asking for.
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    The pool is shut this (well next) year!

    Apparently you get an e-mail to tell you this after you have booked.

    The beach is nearby tho !!!

    Hi Di Hi
  7. stevetrom

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    Did you ever go to Pontins?

    Butlins is paradise in comparison.
  8. Andy_Euph

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    You're right there, at least the leccy doesn't run out and the beds don't need delousing beforehand!

    Mind I had some good times at Pontins...i think. :p


    I have to confess I have, and indeed I agree with you ! See, I don't always whinge Will the're a cheeky t@t too !!! LOL
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    I've only ever been to one party where Shep's been there; he was okay actually ;)... Having to pay for three nights has been kind of annoying, but I only have myself to bother about so it seems decent value if I go half-board :)
  11. owain_s

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    Next you'll be telling us that airlines charge more in August, and that the Dalai Lama is a Buddhist.
  12. Worth every penny. Best weekend of banding on the calendar, and it's not ALL brass band entertainment.
  13. sbandsman

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    I can absolutely agree here. My wife and Daughter (both non players)enjoy the evening entertainment and can also be found in the differing venues on the Saturday contest day.
  14. Anno Draconis

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    What he said.:clap: There was a comedian, a big band and a rock tribute act of some description on last year.

    They do it to make money. What did you think, that they're some sort of munificent charity donating their facilities for the greater good of banding? If you don't want to pay, don't go.

    Personally, I'll be stumping up. I'd much rather go to Butlins than the area OR the Grand Shield.
  15. Bonjour_Laura

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    Last year I competed in the youth section with my youth band. We stayed off site at a Travel Lodge as our conductor didn't want the younger members to see all the drunken shenanigans of Butlins! But i remember we had some hassle getting actually on site, we got given entrance tickets to the contest but the Secretary of the band had a massive drama with the security getting onsite where the guard claimed we had to pay £10 each entrance to which the security manager was called and we were allowed on site. But this year I'm with my adult band Haydock and meeting up with my youth band on the Sunday for the youth section, hopefully they dont have the hassle this year!
  16. bassmittens

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    It is a great weekend.

    This year (2012) was my first staying over, and i have to say the whole weekend was great (some of the mornings not so great....but hey ho!) and imo worth every penny.

    I can see why some bander's question the expense from an outside. But try it once. If you don't like it don't go again (but i think you will.........)
  17. Suziebabe

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    We really enjoy the weekend and I don't normally play as my band don't go and my husband's band are 4th section and whilst I would love to play for them the rules state that as a 2nd section player I can't. However, I love the weekend and whilst I would agree its not cheap, is anything these days!

    My parents go and love the entertainment contest on the Sunday, but everybody to their own.

    We will be there 2013
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    I navar said you always whinga, sir, only that givan tha propansity for a lot of tMP mambars to do so, a "Whinga" button might complamant tha much raquasted "lika" button. And I think you missad a "&" or similar from your last but ona word, 'cos if not, I'll be saaing you outsida aftar band bafora you gat in ona of your Cars for a Complax discussion on politanass on forums.

    PS Raally triad to work in Music for Chamalaons in, but that would hava baan just silly.
  19. Oodle Bugler

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    As reported:-

    Festival Director, Steve Walker, said: "Butlins really wanted to celebrate the tenth anniversary in style and to show its appreciation for the part that the Championship Section bands play in the success of the weekend."

    Butlins may be a rip off but to be fair they do have to fund the £10,000 in prize money for the top section.
  20. Laserbeam bass

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    Not only the top section, but the £17K (approx) spread across the other 4 sections, plus the youth contest?

    I don't believe there are any other contests in the UK that can match the prize fund, and I would be surprised if there is any other contest in the world, but happy to be corrected.