RIP Free Speech - d. Brighton 28/9/05

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  1. andywooler

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    Whilst some were impressed with Gordon Brown's speech the other day, I hope all will join me in condeming the actions of the Labour Party Stewards and Sussex Police yesterday in their outrageous treatment of Walter Wolfgang.

    As a Brighton Council Tax payer, i am also very angry at the waste of my tax payments in providing policing to this conference - Mr. Wolfgang was arrested under section 44 of the prevention of terrorism act for attempting to use his pass to get back into the conference. That is a total abuse of power and not what the Act was designed for.


    Conference: a meeting for consultation, deliberation, discussion, or interchange of opinions

    Not if you're in the Labour party obviously.
  2. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Not sure about Mr Wolfgang - you didn't get to see whether or not he had been asked to be quiet / leave several times as had been claimed.

    I thought the 'Terrorism act' arrest was because he was trying to get back in without his security pass, just using the neck-pouch that it came in.

    However from what I saw the guy that tried to intervene approached the security guards to speak to them and was immediately manhandled out of the room. No warning, no polite request to leave, just immediate physical contact and forced eviction. That's assault.

    I thought the security guy's comment was rather good though - asked whether he thought his action was acceptable the best response he had was ........ "Nice cake this" (and not his first piece I would guess).
  3. PeterBale

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    It certainly seemed very heavy-handed in both cases, and rather draconian action: more and more these "conferences" are turning into stage-managed presentations, rather than offering anyone a real opportunity to express dissent, even sensibly and peacefully.
  4. The Cornet King

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    Yet more evidence of the Labour Party's progression of Britain towards a conforming police state. When one person can't even voice his disagreement at somebody elses opinion then things are going drastically wrong.

    Labour's wish for a Big Brother like status of ID cards and there constant wish for conformity (especially the ex meglomaniac Mr Blunkett) is seriously damaging the freedoms and rights we have come to expect in this democracy.

    I've never voted for them, never will and hope they leave office at the next election. Though god knows how much more damage and how many more 'reforms' they will carry out.
  5. 2nd man down

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    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that our Government (and I use the word "our" loosely because I sure as hell didn't help to vote them back in) have completely lost their grip on reality??

    What kind of party conference ejects a life long supporter and member of the party for having a differing opinion from the "party line"? Ok he shouted it out...but my god, that's what conferences are for isn't it?? To discuss, to air views, to try to decide between the party faithful the best way forward for the common good???
    That man has paid his Labour Party subscription longer than anyone in that cabinet has been it not reasonable then that he should be entitled to voice whether the party he has loyally supported all his life is doing right or wrong as far as he is concerned without being thrown from the room??

    That was one sad day for democracy.
  6. BigHorn

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    I think using hired heavies and Mr Plod to stop a socialist windbag expressing his opinion is a grand idea. I know a place just up from Westminster bridge where they can find another 400 of 'em causing all sorts of trouble. :wink:
  7. Chris Sanders

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    That happened decades ago...
  8. yorkie19

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    Not as many as 1 year of Tory rule would ever inflict on this nation!
  9. yorkie19

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    I think you might be confusing Socialist and New Labour!
  10. Rapier

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    Well Gordon Brown is still reaping the rewards he inherited from the Conservatives! And at least Maggie took us into a war without being a bald faced Liar about it, which cannot be said of the man in number 10 these days!
  11. Will the Sec

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    *splutters his tea all over the keyboard*

    Rapier, buddy, as an ex Harlowite, I automatically consider you a mate. As a person with immense experience of matters of policing, I look forward to your contributions on speeding and firearms threads. As a musician I admire that you still seem to be playing for fun.

    The quoted statement, though, makes me mentally list all the aberrations that that happened during the Thatcher/Major years, and makes me wonder whether one of us was living in an alternative universe.

    Let's agree never to discuss politics, OK? ;)
  12. Chris Sanders

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    You cannot compare him to Thatcher, he might be a sphinctor, but she was just evil, she had no thought for the nation, she destroyed british industry, the one thing that made Great Britain great.
  13. Rapier

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    Well we shall have to disagree there then. I think she was the best PM we've had since Churchill. She stood up to union bullying and realised that public money should not be poured into Industries that ran at a loss. She cried in private at the loss of life in the Falklands. Tony Bliar would only do that if cameras were watching him.
  14. Chris Sanders

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    The best since churchill? You are crazy?

    Theres a difference between companies running at a loss and destroying valuable assets for the sake of her own benfit.

    She crippled my father financially for ten years, he had to survive with family, mortgage, car, bills, food to pay for on wages from a three day week, he even had to stop paying into his pension and is still paying double towards it to make up for what he lost then.

    Thatcher is a disgrace, she is the worst thing to ever happen to the country.
  15. Rapier

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    The 3 day week was caused by union unrest and not a choice of the Government. As I said we'll just have to disagree. And no I'm not crazy, just old enough to have seen various governments and know which I preferred!

    And don't forget we as a Nation are still benefiting from the EU concession that Mrs T refused to concede. New Labour have almost given control of the UK to Europe and certainly to George Bush!
  16. Chris Sanders

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    But were they not forced into that? Do you seriously believe that people chose to have no money, barely enough for food and mortgage, we will have to agree to disagree, but I cant believe that such a large amount of the people having no money and no employment was a sign of a good government, thats just silly talk.

    Typical Conservative tactic, compare and slag off Labour, when they cannot see that they are as bad as each other in various ways.

    I dont support either party, but I dont see our current government as being any worse than we've had for decades, they all lie, they all look after number one, caring not about joe bloggs!!
  17. Rapier

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  18. bruceg

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    I think that the "special relationship" between Thatcher and Regan went a long way to giving control of the UK to the US ;)

    And as for taking us into war with our eyes open... We were about to revoke the citizenship of those particular islanders and she was in charge of a failing government. Then someone realised that there were potentially rich oil reserves in the vicinity of the Falklands so how better to protect our somewhat dodgy claim to these and to ensure another term in office than to start a jingoistic war against The South American Meat Packing Gliterati (10 point bonus to anyone who can name the source of that description of the Junta :D ).

    Best since Churchill... pah!
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    Come on people get your facts right. The 3 day week was under Ted Heath not Thatcher. Don't know what this has to do with some heckling pensioner anyway !