RIP Cyril Brisley

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    Was reading the online version of "Salvationist" yesterday and was saddened to note that Cyril Brisley has died (probably some weeks ago due to amount of time it takes to get such things published).

    For those of you from a non SA background , He was a mainstay of the ISB's trombone section for well over 40 years, playing with the great Arthur Rolls , and featured on many ISB recordings throughout the 40's, 50's and 60's. Unfortunately due to the fences between both sides of the banding movement that were in place throughout his lifetime I suspect that he perhaps would not have gained the wider recognition he would have deserved outside of the SA.

    Some years ago , the Young People's sections of the corps that I was then a part of visited Great Yarmouth for a weekend (Where BM Brisley retired too) and it was an honour to sit under his baton , if only for just one hymn tune.
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    Obviously you knew Cyril quite well. I responded to a question on website in the guestbook - page 6 and 7. Perhaps this may be a way of 'hooking' you up with viki - whom I would assume to be a daughter or granddaughter?
    I was not aware of his years of service as BM at Plumstead when I visited there in 1976 as part of the London Citadel Band.
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    Cyril Brisley was one of my Dad's heroes.

    A few years ago, SP&S released a number of compilation CDs made up of old 78 recordings. The 3rd volume of the series, called "Where Duty Calls", includes a recording of Cyril Brisley playing a trombone solo called "The Priceless Gift", accompanied by Plumstead Band, originally recorded in May 1940.

    According to the CD notes, Cyril Brisley holds the record for being the longest serving continuous member of the International Staff Band, joining in 1929 and retiring in 1976.
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    I knew him by reputation only I fear , only met him the once when we went to Yarmouth!