Rightnowmusic.com Worldwide Brass Band Challenge 2006

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    May 2006 will host the world’s first ever truly global brass band competition with the announcement of the Rightnowmusic.com Worldwide Brass Band Challenge 2006.
    The innovative event is the brainchild of Mark Dransfield and John Zwolanek of Rightnowmusic.com, the online music publisher supplying music direct via the internet, and is the world’s first ever 21st Century style brass band competition.
    The idea is a fun and laid back approach to competing but where bands of any standard from anywhere in the world can compete against each other.
    The whole process will begin on 1 April 2006 when all entered bands (which must enter between 1 January and 15 April with a graded entry fee meaning the earlier you enter the cheaper it is) will be e-mailed the score and parts of the newly commissioned and previously unseen test-piece directly by Rightnowmusic.com. Bands then have six weeks to prepare the music and prior to midnight (GMT) on 15 May 2006, bands will e-mail to Rightnowmusic.com an MP3 file of their recorded performance.
    Between 15 and 20 May every single submission will be posted on the Rightnowmusic.com website. Each post will have its own page, and each band will be identified by number only. However, even the bands will not know their numbers until the end of the contest. Until 20 May, people may download the MP3 from each band, post text comments and score the performance. Public rankings will be for entertainment and informational purposes only and will not count in any way toward official rankings. On 31 May, the final decision will be posted on Rightnowmusic.com and this will be exclusively made by the three elected adjudicators Brett Baker, Simon Kerwin and the composer of the new test-piece.
    The top ranked band will receive a trophy, ten per cent of the total entry fees collected and it will be posted as the Rightnowmusic.com Championship Band 2006. The winning performance MP3 will remain available for free download until 30 June, 2006. The second ranked band will receive a trophy, five per cent of the total entry fees, and will be posted as the runner-up.
    This may not be everyone’s idea of a traditional brass band contest but it certainly is a groundbreaking event that relieves bands of the hassles of traditional contests as there is no registration, paperwork or stressful issues. Bands can use whichever players they desire or one player could even record all parts in a multi-track recording. The whole concept is to impress the idea of fun in banding and give bands the opportunity to have their performances compared to bands from all around the world; an opportunity not often given to most bands.
    For rules, more details of how to enter and how to record your performance log on to the website at www.Rightnowmusic.com.
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    It's a great idea, But can someone tell us, why the astronomical entry fee?

  3. aqua76

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    Sounds bit dodgy to me.....
  4. persins

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    I've just read the attached article on 4BR and wondered what you guys thought of this idea?


    I think it's a great start but feel that the process may be open to abuse. What is to stop the bands who've entered from trying potential underhand tactics on their final mp3 submission? There could be all sorts of sound engineering involved that may give an inaccurate view of the performance from the different bands.

    I'm sure that the interpretation and general style will still be evident but surely it will favour the bands wiith the access to the best recording equipment or expertise rather than the best band?!

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    Perhaps you should have looked on tMP first? ;)

    Threads merged!
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    Hehe, I did. I just missed this one as it was within the news bit rather than the discussion topics bit.
    Cheers for merging it though!
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    The entry fee (if submitted by the end of February) is $325 or about 175 pound. I'm guessing about 125 pound or $225 of it goes to the purchse of the test piece?
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    It certainly seems to be the first to open the opportunity out to anyone regardless of grade. I'd like to see it if someone did decide to enter on their own using the multi-track recording. That would certainly be a great feat in six weeks.
  9. Scott

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    Anyone think this might be a joke? Read the first line of the criteria:

    ON APRIL 1ST AT MIDNIGHT, GMT (UT), rightnowmusic.com will email the score and parts for the test piece directly to competing bands. Until that time, the piece will never have been published or commercially available.

    Elaborate April fools???
  10. Charmed

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    Good point!! Never crossed my mind. :-?
  11. yorkie19

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    I hope it is an April Fool's joke because the fee does look a little large to me. Granted, the winner / runners up will take around £33 per entry in prize money (the average cost of entry is approx £220 with 10% to the winners and 5% to the runners up) and then there are postage costs, but even allowing £90 per set for music (Journey to the Centre of the Earth retails at £75 for a full set), that only equates to around £125 of the entry fee. I'm not going to speculate any further, but I would certainly be interested to see a break down of how Rightnowmusic.com can justify the £270 they want to charge bands for entering in April, or even the cost of entering in February.

    Just a thought!
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    I see there's another 'mp3' contest doing the rounds: http://www.brassbandradio.co.uk/

    Both claiming to be the first contest of this kind. Interestingly, this one's announcing the results on April 1st!
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    They both sound like a p~'' take to me !