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    um, alright every one?

    I'm Andy from Cornwall and i've dabbled quite allot in the Brass Band world. Playing for bleddy years in Pendennis Brass on cornet and sop while also playing trumpet in cornwall youth brass ensemble, cornwall youth jazz orchestra, carrick wind orchestra, cornwall youth orchestra and all that. I've recently left Pendennis concentrating more on the trumpety side of things but still love brass bands...can't beat a good brass band sound for hairs on the back of the neckage. Um so.....yeh..thats about it really.

    Oh i still fiddle about with the Pendennis Brass website now and again. Check it out: www.pendennisbrass.com

    Cheers x
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    hi there, and welcome to tmp!
    just had a look at the website, but couldn't post in the guestbook.
    i poped in for a blow in the summer, and just wanted to say thanks, and what a great bunch you all are.
    best of luck for the future.
  3. andy_the_trumpet

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    How very odd... seems to be ok to me...try again!

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