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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Brian Bowen, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Brian Bowen

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    If budding cornet players want a role model, I can think of no better player than Richard Marshall.

    He’s a truly fine cornet player with a beautiful sound (tone and controlled vibrato, which he can vary), marvelous technique, artistry and virtuosity. I’ve heard him live and have been listening again to his latest highly recommendable CD “Blaze”, where he also shows the difference between his cornet and trumpet playing — all magnificently. In my ideal brass band I’d be very happy to have him on end chair. The only comparison I can make with current cornet players would be with David Daws. (In a blind test, I might in some ways confuse the two.)

    A couple of years ago I heard the young Philip Cobb play cornet solos and thought his sound was in a similar mould.
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    You may be interested to know that this past w/e saw the visit of the ISB to the Hamilton Corps in Scotland with Philip Cobb sitting bumper up to Kevin Ashman.
  3. Jonesy

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    I'm going to see Richard for a lesson in 3 weeks or so. Lucky me!

    I'm very much a David Daws nut it must be said. I just don't think anyone quite matches up.

  4. jingleram

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    A friend of mine has had some lessons with Richard Marshall, and he absolutley raves about him. No longer has lesons because of time constraints, but assures me he is a quality guy and a very decent player.
  5. Steve

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    Possibly my favourite cornet player at the minute. The guys I know from Grimey rave about him to, just doesnt ever make mistakes.
  6. JR

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    - he is! - ever since Richard joined my band, the old Rothwell (during the Wallace Arnold sponsorship era) in 1991 shortly before his 16th birthday, I knew that one day he would become a great cornet player - and he has.
    I know that his former teacher Ken Johnson and fellow conductors Graham O'connor and Kevin Bolton would concur
    Incidentally Richard's first contest with Rothwell was the Grand Shield - we qualified for the Open on Le carnaval romain - he played a blinder.

    John R
  7. I was second man to Richard at Hatfield when he was about 12 or 13. He was a great player then. You just knew he was destined for the top. But I have to say his golf could do with some improvement......:lol: