Richard Madeley on Sop?

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    Richard Madeley on Sop?

    Not wishing to name drop or anything (honest guv!) but I was having an exchange of thoughts with Richard Madelely last night and he mentioned that Judy is a virtuoso trombone player. I asked if she’d like to come and play with us sometime but he said he was too shy. Now he may have been pulling my leg so I was just curious to know if anyone knows of Judy’s trombone playing?

    Richard himself said he was a big fan (indeed we discussed a possible ‘Celebrity Brass Band TV show which he was tempted by) and when I asked him if he’d like to try out soprano cornet for a fine and very sociable North-East band he said he would, pending medical clearance and a truss (after a ‘little accident’ he said). I’m really not sure he’s up to it so if you fancy taking his sop seat for the Regionals at Darlington this year, please PM me.
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    Well, you could just get him to pick you up some wine on his way to rehearsals though. ;)
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    He could turn up to a gig with the Ali G Getup on! :D
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    I think banding has enough primadonnas!!
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    Better make sure Judy's walking outs fit properly, just recovered from the sight of her last accident!!! Mind you, with all the shaking she does on telly, I bet her vib is lush!!!
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    Damn, you got in before me! :clap:

    Don't forget the smoked salmon!
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    I'm not really a fan of Richard
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    Is this the same Richard Madeley who (live on C4) grasped a pocket trumpet by the mouthpiece, and dropped the instrument on the deck (Ooops, we'll pay for the damage...) :rolleyes:

    Yeah, we'd sign him - on a damned cold day....:biggrin:

    PS As a recruitment thread, it's not working too well, is it?
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