Richard Evans - "where else can you hear so many bands of such quality...?"

Discussion in 'Spring Festival Blackpool' started by TheMusicMan, May 13, 2006.

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    The very enthusiastic and charismatic Richard Evans spoke to tMP this morning about what he considers to be a superb event.

    "Where else can you see so many bands of such a high standard" he comments."... "it is an excellent contest, I mean, just look at the list of bands who are here with us today, any band could realistically appear in any section the standard is that good."

    Richard, conducting Cambourne in Senior Trophy today, commented that he felt any band could potentially be in with a shot at the titles on offer the standard is that good. Cambourne band have drawn nuber 12 and Richard felt that this will allow the players enough time to have a relaxing morning, and to be settled comfortably by the time they need tp make their appearance on stage.

    ... "the players have all worked extremely hard and have done a grand job. They are all playing very well indeed. I am extremely happy with the way rehearsals have progressed and recently spent an enjoyable weekend with the band where we worked hard on the piece."

    Let's hope being drawn this side of #13 will bode well for them all. We wish Richard, and Cambourne band the very best of luck today.
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