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  1. bagpuss

    bagpuss Active Member

    Just come back from the Rhyl festival today (Sunday), met a lot of new faces (and a few old ones!!), had a really great time. Thanks to the lads and lasses from Deiniolen band who made us very welcome (even though I wasn't playing). Look forward to seeing you all again soon

  2. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    Any results?!
  3. Brassbones

    Brassbones Member

    1. Crewe
    2. Haydock
    3. Pemberton Old

    My head hurts :(
  4. Colin K

    Colin K Member

    Top Section
    1 Crew Co-op
    2 Haydock
    3 Pemberton

    2nd section
    1 Wire Brass

    Overall Entertainment
  5. rach marriott

    rach marriott Member

    He he! Have fun then did we Mr Warder! :lol:

    Alcoholism, is a terrible thing! :wink:
  6. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    Does anyone know the results for 3rd Section?
  7. Brassbones

    Brassbones Member

    Aiye, and so did your fella!!! Difference is I'm off work today and he isn't!! Muwahahahahaha :D
  8. rach marriott

    rach marriott Member

    Aiye, and so did your fella!!! Difference is I'm off work today and he isn't!! Muwahahahahaha :D[/quote]

    I think he's suffering! :?

    Do you remember your curry this time? :lol:
  9. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Cheers Darren! We had a great day - it was nice to meet up with a few people from here! Look forward to meeting up again.

    We really enjoyed working with TheMouthpiece's very own Roger Thorne for this contest, and also Elin (twigglet), Alex and Steph from Wem - cheers guys.

    2nd Section Results:

    1. Wire Brass
    2. Llanrug
    3. Deiniolen

    Soloist - Cornet - Llanrug
    Percussion - Wire Brass

    Don't have the Third Section results sorry - will try and get them today (still suffering a bit after yesterday ;) )
  10. twigglet

    twigglet Member

    You were a bit drunk when I left! I don't know if you remember, I was the one with the number 8 string top...

    It was a really fun day, shame I was driving but oh well, there are plenty more opportunities to come I'm sure.

  11. Brassbones

    Brassbones Member

    Oh I remember you alright, and the top!! :wink:

    If you thought I was drunk when you left you shudda seen me at throwing out time!! :shock:
  12. Heather

    Heather Member

    Fantastic day, Fantastic result!!!
  13. twigglet

    twigglet Member

    Must say that I went to listen to Crewe and thought you were fantastic. The cornet soloist was amazing and he well deserved the soloist prize, it would have been daylight robbery if they hadn't given it to him!
  14. jimothy

    jimothy Member

    In my humble opinion not only was Crewe Co-op and Andy Welsh (Napoli) fantastic, but the second horn player was simply awesome!
  15. robbie

    robbie Member

    Very modest there Jim as ever!!
    But your right Andy was fantastic and deserved to take the soloist prize.
  16. jimothy

    jimothy Member

    Rob, Rob, Rob,

    listen to your Uncle Jim.

    If you are going to take the p!%* out of me you could, at last get the name of your band right.

    You actually play for the United Co-op Band (Crewe) and not, as you said, the United Co-op (Crewe) Band.

    Very poor form that, old boy!

  17. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    well sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.I was supposed to come along and watch but sadly had a severe case of not being able to get out of bed at eight oclock on sunday morning, but it sounds like i was the one who missed out!
    Well done everyone!
  18. westburykid

    westburykid Member

    I think the whole band is being carried by the 1st horn player having heard the band on a few occasions. Its easy for you to be awesome when sitting next to such talent!

    Must say that Andy "Mildred" "www.CornetHero.com" Welsh deserves a medal for his performance.
  19. jimothy

    jimothy Member

    Mr. Ball I presume?
  20. robbie

    robbie Member

    But obviously the band is carried by the cornet section! You only have to look at "Mildred" he has his own website.

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