Rhyl Festival of Brass 28/6/09

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  1. The Rhyl festival of brass makes a welcome return to the Pavilion theatre in Rhyl after an absence of several years. The competition is now closed to competitors but spectators are more than welcome, there are 12 bands across 4 sections all playing a 20 minute entertainment programme. The open section should be a real cracker with all 4 local rivals taking part Beaumaris, Northop, Point of ayr, wrexham and from across the border Wire brass.

    Doors open at 10.30, refreshments are available in the theatre throughout the day, plus 2 bars. Please come along and support what we hope will be a fabulous day of brass banding.
    for further enquiries call the theatre on 01745 330000
  2. stopher

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    Looking forward to it. Nice to see this contest resurrected and hopefully run annually - maybe even entice a few more "locals" to do it!
  3. towse1972

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    fetsival!!!! loloolol. :clap:
  4. ian perks

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    1 Who is adjudicating
    2 What time will it be finished.
    As i would like to come along to listen to contest
  5. eh??
  6. sorry, i missed off those details! the adjudiacator is mr David Horsfield, the contest starts at 11.00 am and finishes arouund 6.00 - 6.30
  7. it seems strange to laugh at your own dyslexia
  8. hughess

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    Have a closer look at the Heading Mat
  9. towse1972

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    I'm howling with laughter now! Ta mate..... (and your right if your thinking small things amuse small minds) :clap:


    I m going, I like RHYL, 2 good Wetherspoon pubs, and Ill never forget the warm hospitality we received from members of Rhyl Silver Band when we used their bandroom to practice before Pontin s contest.
  11. stotty74

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    Is it all on the one day? Great to see it coming back, i always used to enjoy the day. Great to see all the top local bands attending...should be an interesting contest. Will definitely try and get there :)
  12. ian perks

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    Cheers Matt many thanks;)
  13. Jan H

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    thread title corrected
  14. to be fair though i didnt say that i wasnt dyslexic lol!;)
  15. yes Karl all on one day :)
  16. thanks jan, i will learn to spell before my next post!:rolleyes:
  17. Daniel Sheard

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    Doubt it!

    See you all tomorrow.
  18. hughess

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    Good luck to all the bands tomorrow. Hope its not to hot!!!!!
  19. ilovespheres

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    Second Section Result

    1st - Is it Yorkshire Co-Op!? (I thought they were in 1st section!?)
    2nd - Llanrug Silver
    3rd - Newtown Silver
  20. jimothy

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    United C-operatives 2000 Brass, perhaps?