Rhapsody on a theme by Purcell

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  1. Eziachco

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    Hi everybody,

    we are currently playing Rhapsody on theme by Purcell. This was written by Kevin Norbury and it's a great piece both for the listener and the player.
    We're thinking to use it in contest but some of our musicians find it to easy for a 1st section band.
    Do you have any opinion on that ?
  2. nethers

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    You, my friend, may well be opening a big can of worms with that question!

    My answer:

    Examine why your band is entering the contest. If you are going to destroy the opposition and take glorious victory there are a number of people (not including me though) who will recommend you aim for one of the 'harder' pieces generally played by bands in your section or the section above.

    Personally, if victory is important to you, pick a piece that shows the band's strengths and in one way or another (not necessarily difficulty) wakes the judge(s) up. The piece you mention is not one I hear much on stage, I'm sure you will have the adjudicator's attention more so than the 10th performance of the day of Pagannini :p

    If you are hoping to enjoy the music and use it to improve as a band, good on yer, have fun.
  3. al74

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    Not the hardest music , but getting the tone , length, & loud long phrasing to work is a challenge i guess