Rhapsody No. 2 for Baritone - HELP

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by SoloBaritone, Nov 25, 2004.

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    Can anyone tell me anything about John Golland's Rhapsody No.2 (Don Quixote) for Baritone?

    I can't find anything about it and was just wondering if anyone brainy on here knew anything about it. Or, if anyone has an email address for Peter Christian would you please pm me as I know it was written for him so I'm sure he'll be able to tell me something interesting.


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  3. SoloBaritone

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    Thanks, I've got the music I just need to know some background on it.

  4. brassneck

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    ... not a lot Professor Google has to say about the piece except it was John Golland's last work (unfinished at the time of his death) and was completed by Roy Newsome in early 1997. Peter Christian recorded the work but still unreleased as far as I know. Steven Booth premiered it at Salford on 23/04/97. Ueli Kipfer (formerly Solo Euph with Berner Oberland) recorded it on his solo CD, 'Air VariƩ'.
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    You want me to give Roy a ring Jayne and see if he can give me any info on it?

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    I believe that this piece will be included in a forthcoming solo CD release by David Childs which will feature the music of John Golland. Perhaps David/Doyen can provide some more background info.
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    Thanks everyone for your help and thanks Benn for offering to make a phone call for me! I just needed to know something about it cos I've got to perform it today, doh!