Retrospectives from last week now on 4BR...

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    at last..
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    So, what does everyone think then?
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    Don't ask
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    Scottish 3rd or 4th section isnt on yet as usual, but looking at the other sections that have been written in Scotland, its not much of a write-up, no performance or winning pictures, and quite a sparse report on each band. I could pick up more on each band looking at this forum or Kingdoms forum for some of the bands performances!

    Pretty poor attempt of journalism so far I feel, not like what it usually is from 4br....! Im thinking Ive already read our retro in the Bandsman yest before it appears on here, (which Im happy enough at!), but just grumbling at the effort theyve put in, for the time we've had to wait on their opinions!
  5. SuperMosh

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    Got to agree. A little bit miffed that there are no photos. I am sure we posed for one?!

    Reading through the retros for all regions it seems some regions may have benefitted from the 4br rep who was there. I don't think the Midlands retros are as good as Yorkshire or WoE.:(
  6. BbBill

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    Thats cos Iwan Fox did those two, pity the other reps didnt do the same writeup as him! (granted that its his website?!)
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    From the perspective of the First Section in the North West I think they give a reasonable retrospective. Mind you, of course I don't agree with all of it, I never do. I do however think it highlights the massive difference between how the adjudicator and everyone else in the room felt some of the performances went. I was sat near the 4BR guy when I heard 7 of the performances & he seemed to hear mostly what I heard.

    AS always, they are just one man's opinion - so we love them when they are nice to us & hate them when they are horrid.
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    mmm, made my feelings about the top section West of England retro known in the WofE thread. Thought it was VERY harsh and quite insulting to the band's efforts. But what do I know, I wasn't there - I was at Music for Youth with my daughter which has to be a more satsifying experience for the youngsters involved than devoting weeks on a test piece to then get ripped to shreads on an internet website like some of the top section bands were.
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    well i was pretty happy with the comments about forresters and was glad to see that someone took notice that the stage lights went out during our performance. they seemed to get a little confused as they quoted simone rebello who didn't adjudicate until the sunday and made her comment about the 2nd section and not the 1st as is written on 4BR.

    I was also a little dissapointed that there were no pics.
  10. TheMusicMan

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    Don't understand that sorry!

    You weren't there; 4BR were there - yet you say their comments were... "VERY harsh"...!!??? How can you say that if you were not there personally to hear any performances and may have only heard comments made by others regarding the performance rather than the performance 1st hand! :confused:

    You can't criticise comments if you were not there.
  11. DublinBass

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    I 100% agree as I think tMM nailed it on the head!!

    I have to admit, even I was a bit disappointed with the pics...but there are other extenuating circumstances nobody knows about that have caused a bit of a delay.

    At least it is getting done.

  12. WoodenFlugel

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    I'm also a bit confused as to why there are no photos for the Midlands. I was sat behind the two 4BR people for the latter half of the first section and one of them was snapping away on a very impressive looking camera, so I don't see why those photos weren't included.

    As for the write up...well, apart from the "postcard from Torquay" headline and the reference to "Simone" for the 1st section (maybe Alan has a secret he isn't telling us?? ;) ) I thought they were fair enough, though hardly worth the (almost) weeks wait.

    What I was amused at was their assessment of our soprano player: "OK in big-band scream music but not really what Eric Ball was probably looking for!" which is terrific micky-take material as our soprano player hates anything mildly swing or big band related, so I'm dying for the chance to remind him that 4BR have him as some sort of big band screamer :)
  13. CubbRep

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    I would like to thank 4br for those kind words about our performance as 4th section winners at The (sunny) Belvedere club last Sunday.On a personal note I would like to thank the adjudicators for placing us in a well deserved 1st place.And not being mentioned as dark horses by 4br in the run up to the actual day,It just goes to prove how well a band can play without that illusive nod from 4br.
    Although it was a bit nail biting thinking whether we had done it or not.Lets hope that we will do the Midlands proud at Harrogate in the 4th section.Looking forward to finding out what piece we will be playing.Cubbington are now firmly on the map and a band to watch in the future.

  14. andylockett86

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    would love to see the people who write these retros actually conduct a band an the area. just wonder if they would produce safe performances or whether they would add flare and take the acoustic of the room in to consideration. think every md should be praised for the hours of prep. that goes on running up to the area.just seems to be a lot of md bashing going on out there
  15. DublinBass

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    I have to say (and I'll probably regret this), but the two ways I think American brass bands are better than British Brass Bands are in their percussion sections and MDs. Most all MDs in American bands actually have a degree in music ed or conducting.

    I don't think you really want to be defending the calibre of MDs in the UK...granted the top MDs of the top bands are quite good, but even in the bottom championship section bands (e.g. non Yorkshire, Lancashire) and lower sections many of the MDs do not have proper training.

    However, I also agree that MDs should be praised for all the work they put in.
  16. Andy Cooper

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    Our retro was just about spot on and exchoed the adjudicators comments of the shed builders being too loud. Shame really as by everyones reaction we would have been well in the mix barring that.
  17. ssmith

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    Interesting to note that Rob Richardson, the 4BR representative at the Midlands area in conversation prior to the anouncement of the results, voiced his opinion that Virtuosi GUS Band were his tip to win the contest. This was also the opinion of the few who heard all performances in the hall that day (excluding the adjudicators of course!).

    Obviously he was not so commited in his retrospective write up. I have come to expect 4BR to stick to their pre-contest predictions in the retros "warts an all" as they did with the retro at Butlins when GUS came 1st in the test piece and 4BR had them in 4th and published this in their retro's. I think a more consistent approach would be appreciated by the bands.
  18. super_sop

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    Personaly, I'd just wish they get our ****** name right!!!!!!!
  19. Tom-King

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    I know that I didnt hear them, but being quite as nasty as they were to a certain band is really rather nasty, and is it really neccessary?

    (Edit: was WoE, Champ)
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  20. 4thmandown

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    The usual non-descript retrospective for us again - a bit like their preview. I wonder if 4BR were actually in the audience, or got the info from someone down the pub?

    Still, it's better than the rather vicious write up they gave the West of England Championship Section. I'd feel rather insulted if I was on the back end of those comments. Treat those comments with a large bucket of salt guys and girls!