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    My names Dave and Ive been playing for over 30 years, most of them on tenor Horn before braving it on Euphonium a few years ago. As the title suggests Ive retired from playing (again) even though noone who knows me is convinced that this "retirement" will last any longer then the last time (which lasted three months).

    I've Spent my Adult banding with 3 bands,Cheshire Police, Roberts Bakery and most recently Wire Brass with whom I played Solo Euph until Christmas just gone.

    I may not be in a band anymore but I still keep my hand in (How sad is that!) and recently returned to Wire to play Euph at the Area at Blackpool... which I'm very glad I did as for the very first time I managed to end up in the winning band in the First section, something I'd been trying to do since 1990!

    I always will love banding as through it Ive met some wonderful friends ( not to mention a wife) and like all bandpersons Ive experienced the highs and the lows! At the moment I am just enjoying the break move over Euph, its time for a Pipe, slippers and getting reaquainted with the lawnmower...... that said..........
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    :hi to tMP!
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    Welcome! (I'm new myself today!!!)