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  1. animal.22

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    Does anybody know if there ir a downloadable copy of Resurgam available please.
  2. Active Member

    Kettering Citadel Band have recorded Resurgam and it will appear on their next CD called Endless Praise which is due for release on 31st May. It should be available from World of Brass Tunes around about the same time.
  3. animal.22

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    Ok thanks
  4. vulcan

    vulcan New Member

    Let me know if and when you get it please...and what it`s like.
    I have Resurgam on tape by the 1988 massed bands at the royal albert hall open but I cannot get it onto disc so I would love to purchase a recording.
    "Resurgam" in my view has to be the most gloryous piece ever written for brass band.
  5. BassBlaster

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    To right, a gorgeous piece of music, I used to have a recording of Enfield Citadel band playing it, Glorious music.
    I`ve always thought that if you want to see whether a band is championship standard, play this. Not technical but brilliant.
  6. andylockett86

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    there is a track on itunes too - think it's by New York Staff band - you have to buy whole CD to get Resurgam though
  7. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Probably the best serious piece of brass band music ever written. There are recordings by YBS, Grimethorpe, that come to mind.
  8. Zeek

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    Cory recorded it under there old name (Buy As You View Cory) on there collection of CD's entitled 'Brass Band Classics' or something to that effect
  9. Sleepylee

    Sleepylee New Member

    It's on Grimey's Eric Ball CD which is, quite frankly, fantastic from beginning to end. This excellent piece just tops it off.

    I'm off to listen to it now.
  10. Active Member

    The new Kettering Citadel Band recording Endless Praise is now available from World of Brass Tunes. Resurgam is the final track.
  11. wilky

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    Fodens recorded it on a live cd 'Bridgewater Hall 2002' (i think) conducted by Bram Tovey

  12. brassneck

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    At the time (1996) there was a lot of positive comments made about the International Staff Band's recording conducted by Stephen Cobb. It was on the album called Partita.
  13. vulcan

    vulcan New Member

    Many thanks for that.
    Guess who`s about to buy a CD? I will look forward to getting it in the post.
  14. in my opinion i think the YBS recording on essays for brass (3 i think!!) is the best i've heard of the piece. but looking forward to hearing the kettering one........
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Yeah, YBS Essays 3, is rather good. Grimethorpe's a top notch performance though.
  16. never heard the grimethorpe one so I'll have to get a copy for a listen. which cd is it on?
  17. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    It's on The History of Brass Band Music - The Golden Era - 1920 - 1970. This was the first CD in the series.

    It's also on Eric Ball - The Indaunted from 2001 on which Grimethorpe were also conducted by Elgar Howarth as in the above.
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  18. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    A very fine performance, from what I've heard!! Worth getting for that alone.
  19. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Sorry, just noticed my typo - should be The Undaunted.

  20. That recording raised the bar...

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