Results - U.S. Open Brass Band Championships

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  1. DublinBass

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    U.S. Open Results
    Adjudicators: Dr. Eric Yates, Dr. Paul Bauer and Adam Frey (solo judge)

    1. Fountain City Brass Band (Dr. Joseph Parisi) 196/44=240
    2. Dublin Silver Band (Tim Jameson) 188/48=236
    3. Central Ohio Brass Band (Jessica Sneeringer) 179/39=218
    4. Eastern Iowa Brass Band (Alexander Beamer) 177/37=214
    5. Prairie Brass Band (
    Mary Barnes-Gingrich) 167/33=200
    6. Madison Brass Band (Craig Mason) 163/35=198

    Most Entertaining – Dublin Silver Band
    Best March – Central Ohio Brass Band (Mephistopheles)
    Best Soloist – Dr. Don Deal (Madison Brass Band)
    Best Percussion – Fountain City Brass Band
    Best New Work – Josh Jameson, Dublin Silver Band (Supreme Sacrifice)
    Busker Prize – Dublin Silver Band & Prairie Brass Band (tie)
  2. DS2014

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    What a storming win by Fountain City. It's pretty rare to see a 4-point difference between 1st and 2nd., and extraordinary to see a 22-point difference between 1st and 3rd. Fountain City must be different class.
  3. DublinBass

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    For the US open, the 4-point spread at the top is rather typical (That being said, Fountain City was a class above last weekend).

    The other reason for the large spread is that unlike Brass In Concert or most entertainment contests in Europe, bands are not split into sections at the U.S. Open.
  4. John Brooks

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    Hi DB, Can you explain the absence of Brass Band of Central Florida and other top U.S. bands? Not intending to be controversial in any way, just interested.
  5. PeterBale

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    Brass Band of Central Florida have arrived in the UK ready to participate in Brass in Concert this weekend, so probably felt they couldn't do both.
  6. DublinBass

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    IMHO There are several factors....-For Atlantic, Princeton & JMU distance and travel is an issue.-For BBCF, I think the didn't appreciate their last couple of results 2nd & 3rd an decided to go where they are more appreciated (the UK). They are a very tight ensemble, but tend to stick to loud/fast and that is it.-Not sure why Chicago wasn't there.-The US Open is right at the end of marching band season in the US which takes out many players who are music teachers (we've had some issue with that ourselves).-Lastly, and this may seem incomprehensible to UK bands, but many start preparing for the NABBA Championships in September and can't focus on more than one contest a year.
  7. John Brooks

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    Thanks Peter, I had forgotten that BBCF were going to BiC.

    Thanks too DB for some interesting insights into the U.S. banding scene.