Results of the ODBBA Entertainment Contest 2013.

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    Results of the ODBBA Entertainment Contest 2013.
    Section B (Unregistered bands)
    1st Place: Abbey Brass (Rob Tompkins). (84 points)
    2nd Place: Harlow Band (Chris Johnson). (82 points, minus 1 penalty point*)
    3rd Place: Yarnton Band (Guy James). (80 points)
    Best Presentation/Entertainment: Abbey Brass
    Best Soloist: Roy Frost (Harlow Band)
    Section A (4th and 3rd Section bands)
    1st Place: Wantage 'B' (Danny Dullforce). (86 points, minus 2 penalty points*)
    2nd Place: Witney Town (Rhys Owens). (83 points)
    3rd Place: Bletchington Silver Band (Sheldon Barwick). (82 points)
    Best Presentation/Entertainment: Witney Town
    Best Soloist: Jenny Howes (Witney Town)
    Special Awards
    Best soprano cornet of the day: Bridget Owen (Bletchington)
    Best tenor horn of the day: Nikki Jones (Wantage 'B')
    Best percussion of the day: Harlow Town
    Best conductor of the day: Danny Dullforce
    *One penalty point is awarded for every minute over the 20 minutes limit.
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