Results of 43rd National Band Championship of Ireland

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    Drogheda Brass Band, under conductor Michael Maher, retained their Irish
    title for section 1 Brass in the UCH, Limerick, on 29/03/08, finishing 6 points clear of runners-up Arklow Shipping Silver Band.

    Rathfarnham Concert Band pipped Dublin Concert Band on the testpiece to win section 1 concert.

    Full results can be found by selecting the links below.

    Well done to IABCB for selecting a fantastic venue with went done well with all participating bands.
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    Congratulations to all involved. Such a shame that 4BR only deemed it important enough for it to merit one paragraph in their 'news' section. Surely the ROI contest is more relevant to the UK than the North American one (for example), which 4BR seems to spend most of it's time trumpeting about.

    Or perhaps the 4BR boys are after an all-expenses-paid jolly out to the US? Well, it's a bit rainy in Limerick this time of year....:D
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    Congratulations to Drogheda.

    UCH Limerick is a great venue.. in my day competing in Ireland involved playing in RTC Gym's in Galway, Tullamore, Waterford, school halls in Dublin and other places...
    That was many years ago now!
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    Yes David I remember those days myself Competeing with Lourdes Brass & Drogheda Brass when our association would select the "school gym hall" with the roll up/down seats. I've been to many the last one I played in was Athlone RTC hall 2006, the worst been in Crumlin, Dublin in a girls convent - this was bad with a creeky stage aswell. I've been to those that you mention in the past. But what the IABCB have done I hope it's for the good. Selecting the "school hall" has to be a thing of the pass, they must move with the times. I remember back in 1999 when Drogheda won the section & got to represent Ireland at the Europeans in 2000 Symphony Hall Birmingham, the hall in Ireland was at Wesley college, though was'nt as bad as the previoous ones but yet it was a tad different that the magnificent Symphony hall. Certainly a highlight for any amateur musican not alone the pro's across the UK & Europe.

    Bass trumpet - in fairness to Iwan & All at 4br they can only post to their website what they have been sent by the IABCB (Irish Association Brass & Concert Bands). So I'm assuming that the post on their website is all that they were told about, however as a former member of both Drogheda & Lourdes bands & a supporter of our Association I felt that "Other area's/ Regions" should know about banding in Ireland and how we are trying to move forward & progress to meet the demands of top banding. Maybe I can suggest to you & all that read these forums/posts to view all bands mentioned in the links in my original post by google searching their websites.

    I'll start you off by visiting the section 1 brass champions Drogheda Brass Band.

    Whether or not it was raining, snowing or thunder & lightening the weather certainly was'nt going to stop the Drogheda Band in Retaining Section 1 Brass. A proud day in the history of DBB.
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    Results of 43rd National Band Championship of Ireland

    The Irish Association of Brass and Concert Bands is delighted to publish the official results of the Besson 43rd National Band Championships of Ireland which took place in the University Concert Hall, Limerick on the 29th & 30th March 2008.

    In an exciting climax to the Championship Weekend, Rathfarnham Concert Band beat incumbents Dublin Concert Band by the narrowest of margins achieving higher marks in the test piece for Section 1 Concert Midnight in Buenos Aires by Adam Gorb. The results were also close in Section 1 Brass where Drogheda Brass Band retained their title against an resurgent Arklow Shipping Silver Band.

    “It was a thrilling end to a wonderful weekend of music-making. But the weekend is much more about performing in a world class venue to the higest possible standard. That is why we are already looking towards the venue for next year and to further developing the Besson Irish Championships to encourage as many bands as possible to take part”.

    The adjudicator for the Championships was Mr. Michael Ball.

    The full results of the Championships are:
    Overall Besson 43rd National Band Championship of Ireland Winner:
    Rathfarnham (Senior) Concert Band - 134pts

    Section 1 Concert:
    1. Rathfarnham (Senior) Concert Band - 134pts
    2. Dublin Concert Band - 134pts

    Section 1 Brass:
    1. Drogheda Brass Band Michael – 130 pts
    2. Arklow Shipping Silver Band – 124 pts

    Section 2 Concert:
    1. Ardee Concert Band – 130 pts
    2. Lucan Concert Band – 128 pts
    3. Boherbuoy Concert Band – 119 pts

    Section 3 Concert:
    1. Fermoy Concert Band – 127pts
    2. Banna Chluain Meala – 123 pts
    3. Midleton Concert Band – 118 pts

    Section 3 Brass:
    1. Dungarvan Brass Band – 122 pts
    2. HFC Brass Band New Ross – 121 pts
    3. C.J. Kickham Brass Band – 112 pts

    Section 4 Concert:
    1. Rathfarnham Concert Band – 121 pts
    2. Knocklyon Concert Band – 118 pts

    Test pieces
    Section 1 Brass: Chaucer’s Tunes by Michael Ball (Available from Studio Music Company)
    Section 2 Brass: Psalm 98 by Paul Hamilton (Available from MMI Music)
    Section 1 Concert: Midnight in Buenos Aires by Adam Gorb (Available from Studio Music)
    Section 2 Concert: A Cambrian Suite by Michael Ball (Available from Studio Music) Section 3 Concert: Concert Prelude by Philip Sparke (Available from G&M Brand)

    For more information visit
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    Regarding 4BR they received the official Press Release of the results yesterday but maybe because someone had submitted unofficial results it confused the situation. We have also asked 4BR to give greater prominence to the Besson National Band Championships of Ireland, similar to the US and Australia. The short delay on our part was because we were all shattered after an extremely busy weekend!

    Full results of marks awarded in own choice and test pieces are available from
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    Bit Late guys (3rd April) posting on TMP web forum the results of our own championships, hence why I Gareth McDonnell former Soprano of both Lourdes Brass Band and later Drogheda Brass Band and good friend of Lorcan Daly took the time to publish/relate this valid information to the brass band forum, and hey I was'nt even in Limerick. I took this on to post all available results on this forum as they were not available for viewing on this site. I did look at 4br site but they had very little (Brass only section 1). Hope I have'nt offended anyone from IABCB for submitting a post, what I submitted was links from your site to TMP, nothing was taken from 4br as there was insufficent information available. I believe that all should know about banding in Ireland.

    When you say "someone had submitted unoffical results" who would you exactly be saying this to/about ?

    I'm very sure that I read the results on 4br a lot eariler (Monday) than you say when you posted them.

    Lorcan or John or someone at IABCB please reply to tell me/explain how you feel about my query above.

    Hope all got over the extremely busy weekend & are "unshattered" at this stage.

    Respecfully Yours,....

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    Hi gareth - I'm not offended at all. I sent through the press release to 4BR on the 2nd but someone got there before me. I fully accept I should have put out the results earlier.

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    I was afraid that I got involved in something that I should'nt of by posting a new thread on the forum for all to view on the recent events in Limerick.

    The only reason behind this was that there are Irish "banders" across the water studying (or living) in Salford and other parts of the UK, and also Drogheda have a guy no less studying in Norway. - Lucky him gets to go to Stavanger the end of the month.

    I have just spoke to 4br (via phone) and they tell me they got a mail from someone at PR@iabcb or something along those lines, however they still have another mail received some 16hrs ago, unread, with status Offical results Irish Championships.

    Again as I said on our own IABCB forum terrific setup in Limerick, it must continue. It's the way forward.

    Give me best to LD.

    Gareth McDonnell
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    Gareth - don't worry about it. Its just good that the Championships and the Association on a whole is on the way up. I hope among bands there is now a sense that we have a Championship worth supporting and one which is the equal of any in the world in terms of organisation.

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    Hi Gareth.

    Can you pass on my regards to Lorcan Daly, we were in NYOI together for many years...

    Haven't seen him for years...
  12. garsop_2000

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    Yes David indeed I will pass on your message to LD.

    I was reading your profile with Welwyn garden - very impressive indeed i must say, though no picture ?

    I heard Aveley & Newham last October in London on Music For Battle Creek who gave a decent enough account of themselves from an early draw.