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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by tkhbss, Oct 11, 2010.

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    An investigation has taken place to find who the 'kingsmessenger' is and I can confirm this is not a playing member of our Band.

    I can assure you all that Brighouse and Rastrick are very thankful for all your kind words regarding our performance at London. It is a very proud day to win the Nationals after a 12 year wait!

    Funny results happen to us all... I mean look at the Open! As a Band, we came off stage with the utmost confidence of a winning performance but only achieved 10th place and then the winning Band weren't even considered by most of the listeners (or the trialled scorecards). I'm sure it had the qualities that the adjudicators were looking for though. In hindsight, we could have been better, but we learned from the adjudicators comments and aimed to improve for the next contest.

    As for Dyke.. They will get back on winning form soon enough. In the mean time, if they want to see the trophy, it's only down the road!
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    Well Done to B&R. In reallity does the Brass Band movement really want a premiership style of operation where only one, 2 or 3 bands always win?

    Isnt this diversity a good thing?
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    ....... and I can assure you all that Jonny is as annoyed about this as anyone - indeed he reported these posts to the mods himself.

    Fair play - a few years ago he used to post some real s**t on this site and I was the first to chastise him for it.

    Now he has better things to do with his time, and leaves garbage such as this to the likes of 'kingsmessanger'.
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    From your post it looks as if Jonny/Danny's been suspected of being the messenger. How many accounts has he had over the past few years?
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    2. Other is duck of something. Which got deleted i believe, as the mods judged it to be my second account.

    Anyway, yet another nice little thread with around 5 relevant posts before people start picking holes in each other's posts and going back on what they say, etc etc etc. The point is kingsmessenger's views are not at all representative of the band's views on the result
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