Results - Land O' Burns Contest 2011

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  1. DLogan

    DLogan Member

    Placing Band Section Draw Score

    1 Kingdom Brass Ch. 10 192

    2 Exchange Communications Whitburn Ch. 8 190

    3 Fishburn Ch. 5 189

    4 Tullis Russell Mills 2nd 9 188

    5 Lochgelly Ch. 4 185

    6 Shotts St. Patrick’s 2nd 11 182

    7 Coalburn Silver 1st 3 181

    8 Unison Kinneil Ch. 1 180

    9 Dunaskin Doon 2nd 7 179

    10 Kilmarnock Concert Brass 2nd 2 178

    11 Johnstone 1st 6 177

    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth
  2. AlanD

    AlanD Member

    Great day out! What did all the bands play?
  3. JTKBrass

    JTKBrass Member

    We played -

    Coconut Champagne
    Fortune's Fool (cornet solo)
    Tonight (trombone feature)
  4. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    Fishburn played:

    Stars and Stripes
    Love on the Rocks
    Surrey With a Fringe on Top
    Amazing Grace
    Hoe Down
  5. kirky

    kirky New Member

    I felt I was really missing out this weekend. I know the rest of the folks in Downshire feel the same way. Ah well, it looks like it'll be a while before I get my hands on any more "square sausage"!

    Congratulations to Kingdom Brass!
  6. JTKBrass

    JTKBrass Member

  7. Uncle Bryn

    Uncle Bryn Member

    Harmen Vanhoorne? Didn't realise he was Glaswegian!!

    Your solo trombone is a player though.
  8. AlanD

    AlanD Member

    Tullis played

    Song for the skies
    Softly softly
    The water is wide
    The phantom menace suite
  9. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Aye, Davaar Juul Magnusson is an excellent player. Not Glaswegian either as far as I know but he does study there. :)
  10. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Lochgelly played

    Folk Festival
    Lady is a Tramp
    Priere a Notre-Dame
    Flight Of The Bumble Bee
    Irish Blessing
    Finale from Glorifico Aeternum

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