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    Results of Lakeside Brass Extavaganza Results:

    1st Strata Brass 189 points
    2nd Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare 188 points
    3rd Kirkby Colliery Welfare 186 points
    4th Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds 185 points (yippee!!!)

    Most Entertaining Band: Strata Brass
    Highest 4th Section Band (not in prizes): Bestwood
    Best Soloist: Leicester Co-op (Sop)

    A good day was had by all and the weather managed to stay dry!!!

    Many thanks to Carlton Brass for organising the contest - hope this contest is repeated next year.
  2. rutty

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    Well done to all the bands that appeared. I thought that everyone played really well and I really enjoyed the day - it felt a bit strange not playing and being part of the organisation but it's a lovely venue and I hope that everyone that came really enjoyed it.

    Strata were deserved winners - I particularly enjoyed their set - but every performance was entertaining. Some excellent sets.

    See you all next year :)

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