Results for Calderdale/Hobbit Pub March Contest 24-6-07

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by hellyfrost, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. hellyfrost

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    Anyone got these?
  2. alibaba

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    If I remember correctly they are:

    1st Hebden Bridge
    2nd Marsden
    3rd ?
    4th ?

    1st Marsden
    2nd Hebden Bridge
    3rd United Co-op Yorkshire
    4th Dobcross Silver

    Deportment Prize
  3. barrytone

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    Congratulations to Marsden and nice to see Dobcross out and about contesting again. Wanted to go and support but due to personal commitments, was unable to make it. Well done to The Hobbit for organising it, hope it becomes an annual event and that my band will be able to compete next year. Good job it wasn't today, it's raining cats and dogs!
  4. Well done Hebden Bridge!!

    Congratulations to "The Hobbit" for a very well organised March Contest, especially for their first one. Good bands, great scenery and a bar - what more could a bandsman want?! Nice to see so many bands, here's to another good contest next year.
    Congrats to the winners - especially Hebden Bridge - a great result.
    Well done everyone!:clap:
  5. Great result for Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass to beat Rockingham Band for the 3rd section prize

    Rockingham got a good result at this years area contest finishing either 3rd or 4th (can't remember which now) and so for us to get a prize ahead of them perhaps shows that maybe we aren't quite as far off the pace as the area contest suggested


    Also well done to my hometown band Hebden Bridge, yet again mixing it with higher opposition in Marsden and Dobcross, great stuff guys, well done!

    Also considering it was the 1st time this contest had been attempted, I think its turned out very well and its just a real shame that the rain decided to make a slight mess of things for a certain band of which I have some current involvement in ;)

    Well done to all the people involved in the Hobbit and Im sure you'll be able to hold it again next year, and maybe attract a couple more bands as I'm sure the good word of this new contest will spread throughout the year

    Nice to see a lot of my banding friends there too, the idea of a contest local to myself is a great idea, see you all there next year!
  6. hellyfrost

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    Anyone got the full results? I'm just wondering whether we won anything other than 4th prize for the march?
    Was also playing with Hebden Bridge so I'm chuffed either way :biggrin:
  7. barrytone

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    Well done to Hebden Bridge, my old band. That hymn tune arrangement of Lloyd is excellent, we took several prizes when I played for them performing that hymn tune. I have fond memories of recording Lloyd with Hebden on the CD we did in 2003. We were just warming up and using the piece to gauge sound levels for the recording crew and the next thing we knew it had been recorded and we were onto the next piece!

    Good luck to you all at Brighouse, hoping the weather is kind to you.