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  1. Jan H

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    The contest tok place in the Mechelen City Theatre. Bands had to play a 25 minute own choice program that included a mayor test piece. The (open) adjudicators were Jan Van der Roost, James Gourlay and Rob Goorhuis The C-section will take place later today.


    1. Brassband Buizingen (95.3%)
    2. Brassband Willebroek (94.3%)
    3. Festival Brassband (91.7%)
    4. Noord-Limburgse Brassband (90.3%)
    5. Amsterdam Brass (89.7%) (NL)
    6. Pemberton Old Wigan JJB Band (89.3%) (UK)
    7. Metropole Brassband (88%)

    Best Instrumentalist: S├ębastien Rousseau, flugel Brassband Buizingen
    Best Bass Section: Brassband Wilebroek


    1. Brassband Heman (91.7%) (NL)
    2. Delta Brass Zeeland (90.3%) (NL)
    3. Luzern Brass (89.2%) (CH)
    4. Brassband Scaldis (88.3%)
    5. Brassband Leieland (87%)
    6. Brassband Bacchus (86.7%)
    7. Brassband Excelsior Kloetinge (84.3%) (NL)

    Best Trombone Section: Delta Brass Zeeland
    Best piece by a Belgian composer: Brassband Scaldis (Stonehenge, Jan Van der Roost)
  2. brassneck

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    :clap: for Buizingen. It must have been some performance to beat Willebroek!

    Jan, any idea which test-pieces were played?
  3. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Well, we have the choice of 'Music for Battle Creek', 'Revelation', 'Blitz', 'Elgar Variations', 'Concerto Grosso' and 'Cambridge Variations' played in the top section but who played what?
  4. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    from my personal sources:
    Willebroek : Music for Battle Creek (only two weeks of rehearsal time, so I've been told) + ...?
    Festival Brass Band: Revelation + Where Eagles Sing
    Metropole Brass Band: Blitz + The Corsair + Hora Staccato
    Buizingen: Concerto Grosso + ...?
    Noord-Limburg: Cambridge Variations + My love is like a red red rose + a march
    Pemberton Old Wigan: ?
    Amsterdam: ?
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  5. HBB

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    I'm guessing Pem would have played Elgar Variations. :)
  6. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    C section:
    1. Brassband Heist (92,7%)
    2. Young Brassband Willebroek (90%)
    3. Brassband Schoonhoven B (88,3%)
    4. Cologne Concert Brass (84%)
    5. Brassband de Thudinie (82,7%)
    Beste euphonium: Glenn Van Looy, Brassband Heist
    Beste cornet section: Young Brassband Willebroek

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