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    Brass Band Schoonhoven Euro Brass Drachten Champion 2006!

    With, amongst others, an impressive performance of "Cambridge Variations" (Philip Sparke), Brass Band Schoonhoven has won the 5th edition of the Euro Brass Drachten Contest, which took place on June 17th. The band from the province of South-Holland, conducted by Benny Wiame, managed to beat Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk (Klaas van der Woude) with a 2 point margin. Soli Brass (Frans-Aert Burghgraef), the Provinciale Brassband Groningen (Sietse Hamersma) and Amsterdam Brass (Frank van Koten) completed the results of the A-section. Schoonhoven is the first band to win the Euro Brass contest two times, after their previous win in 2003.

    The soloist's prize also went to Schoonhoven, to flugel horn player Dennis Vork who impressed audience and adjudicators with Philip Wilby's "Flight". The entertainment price went to De Bazuin Oenkerk, who also won the prize for "most impressive percussion section".

    In the B-section, Brass band Heman Zuidwolde (Sietse Hamersma) were deducted points for going overtime, and because of this the victory went to Excelsior Ferwert with a 1 point margin. A surprising third place was for conductor Guus Tomey with De Bazuin B (Oenkerk), who participated in the B-section for the first time after gaining promotion to the second division at the Dutch national championships last year. First place in the C-section went to Immanuël Eemsmond (Marco Middelberg)

    Full results can be found here

    Euro Brass Drachten Contest 2007

    The sixth edition of the Euro Brass Drachten Contest will take place on Saturday June 16th 2007. Enrollments will start around December 2006. The contest is open to all international bands. Interested bands can contact the organisation by e-mail at for more information about the contest.
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