Result Danish Nationals 2009

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  1. brassmaid

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    Testpiece: Salute to Youth, Gilbert Vinter

    1. Concord Brass band (Russel Gray) (94,7+94,0)=94,4
    Own choice: Elgar Variations, Martin Ellerby
    2. Lyngby-Taarbæk Brass Band (Christian Schmiedescamp) (92,0+95,7)= 93,9
    Own choice: The Promised Land, Kenneth Downie
    3. Århus Brass band (Rene Bjerregaard Nielsen)(86,7+89,3)=88,0
    Own choice: Dove Descending, Philip Wilby
    4. Nordvestjysk Brass Band (Kasper Knudsen) (87,0+87,7)=87,4
    Own choice: Jouney to the Center of the Earth
    5. Silkeborg Blæserne (Henrik Juul-Pedersen)(83,7+86,7)=85,2
    Own choice: The Lowry Sketchbook, Philip Wilby
  2. Paddy Flower

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    Any word on 2nd & 3rd Division results?

    Hard luck on 2nd, when was the last time Lyngby-Taarbaek got beat at the nationals?
  3. brassmaid

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    We only have 2nd and 3rd division biannually, strange but true :)

    Last time Lyngby lost was in 2001 so it would have been 8 times in a row if we had won it this year
  4. Jan H

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    Will there be a Danish representative at the Europeans this year?

    EDIT: of course I mean at the European next year, in Austria
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  5. brassmaid

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    I hope so. Concord plans to go.